Bobbi Lo Produktion
Dance group from Malmö and Jokkmokk, Sweden
Bobbi Lo Produktion
"The support from NAPA made it possible for us to bring our dance performance "Noget lidt anderledes" on a tour in Greenland. We visited Sisimiut, Ilulissat, Uummanaq, Paamiut, Nuuk and Kulusuk and met children from the age of 6-9 years. What we appreciate even more than the grant from NAPA is the support we received from the staff at NAPA. They believed in the project and involved themselves emotionally and we are extremely grateful for this!"

NAPA supports around 100 projects each year in all genres of art and culture with a Nordic perspective. Both small and large groups of artists, performers, musicians, writers and much more have received support to carry out a project for the benefit of the inhabitants of Greenland and the Nordic countries.

"I have benefited greatly from NAPA's support during my training as a sound engineer and musician. I have traveled around the Nordics and met many people."

Hans-Ole Amossen, musician and sound engineer from Nuuk

"Thanks to NAPA's support, I have been able to realize my dream projects and embark on several tours for the Greenlandic people and the rest of the Nordic region. Among other things with the documentary Eskimo Diva and the music project BLACKOUT."

Nuka Carmen Bisgaard, model, filmmaker and organizer of Greenland's first Gay Pride

"Support from NAPA made it possible for us to visit Greenland and play the Nuuk Nordic Festival. We rekindled old friendships and made new acquaintances from all over the Nordic region. Plans and collaborations were set in motion, and many discoveries made."

Bird People, band from Mariehamn in Åland

"The grant from NAPA has made it possible to get us to the Spot on Greenland tour and travel back with NAPA's helping hand. Thanks to the support from NAPA it was much easier for us to travel. Making our dreams come true to tour around Denmark."

Sound of the Damned, metal band from Nuuk