What to include in the report?

The report must be uploaded to “ATTACHMENTS” in the application portal or emailed to NAPA no later than 3 months after the completion of the project. When the report has been received, the final rate of the funding will be paid out.

The report must contain the following:

  1. Promotes creative collaboration between Nordic and/or Arctic actors
  2. Engage and involve children and youths
  3. Promotes Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region via Greenlandic actors
  4. Is sustainable in an environmental, social and/or competitive perspective
  • Which country was the main actor and which countries collaborated on the project?
  • In which countries was the project shown to an audience?
  • How many people did the project reach in the Nordic region?
  • How was the project marketed in the Nordic region?
  • How was NAPA’s logo marketed?

What kind of documentation was sent to NAPA?

  • Photo and/or film
  • A short text about the project that we can share on social media including a photo
  • The report must have an overview of the actual expenses
  • The report must have an overview of the actual income
  • Template for accounts