What to include in the application?

A project description that shows, how the project lives up to the criteria:

  • Engages and involves children and young people
  • Is sustainable from an environmental, social and/or competitive perspective
  • Promotes Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region
  • Has Nordic relevance

The project description must not be longer than two A4-pages.

  • The project must have an overview of expenses.
  • The project must have an overview of income, described in a financing plan.

Template for expenses.

Template for financing plan.

  • The project must have a clearly defined time frame that can not be longer than two years.

Template for project timeline.

  • Attach curriculum vitae for all vital participants (project managers) in the project.
  • Furthermore, there must be a  cooperation agreement with the partners, including the relevant qualifications. This applies to both individuals and organisations.

Template for a project cooperation agreement

  • A plan for how the project will be seen and acknowledged in the whole Nordic region.

Template for communications plan