Figures and statistics

Since its establishment in 1987, NAPA has distributed funding to projects with the purpose to stimulate Nordic cultural collaboration as well as establish a cultural bridge between Greenland and the rest of the Nordic region.

Here you will find some numbers and facts about our achievements with cultural funding.

Number of grants by art form in 2022 by 1/4-2022

Number of applicants - comparison 2016-2022 by 1/4-2022

Applicants by country of residence in 2022 until 1/4-2022

Number of granted applicants by country in 2022 until 1/4-2022

In the articles of association of the institution, under §2 it says:
«The institution must support and contribute to the development of the Greenlandic cultural life with a specific focus on children’s and youths’ culture. This is achieved among other things by radio and tv, collaborations with relevant actors in and outside Greenland as well as by distributing support for projects»

For more figures and facts about our achievements with cultural funding, see the following: