Children and young people in Greenland

experience that they have the opportunity to realize themselves in a diverse Nordic community.

The Nordic region shall be the best place in the world for children and young people ...

… is the vision for the cross-sectoral work with children and young people in the Nordic Council of Ministers. There is a big difference in how children and young people in the different countries and cultures experience that the Nordic region is a good place to be and grow up in.

Some expressions of this:

NAPA will contribute to Greenland’s children and youth culture having a central place in Nordic co-operation. We are conscious of involving and engaging the children directly.

NAPA’s ambition is to show and reduce the barriers that exist for Greenlandic youth in the Nordic community today. We want to contribute to Greenlandic youth being able to realize themselves in the Nordic region. We do this by visiting children and young people and telling them about the opportunities that exist in the Nordic countries. It can be education, Nordjobb and applying for money and partners for creative projects. We mediate contact with other young people in the Nordic region. Suliniut MII is NAPA’s children and youth programme. MII is an abbreviation for Meeqqat Inuusuttullu Ilaapput which means “children and young people are involved”.

It is absolutely crucial that we travel around Greenland and make ourselves available to cultural actors and children and young people throughout Greenland. As of 31.12.2021, we have visited 36 of Greenland’s 71 towns and villages. We have been to 17 schools and met 346 students and 118 teachers.

NAPA collaborates with Norden i Skolen on the teaching material «We are the West Nordic countries». The schools in Greenland are digitally equipped and all students have their own iPad. Norden i Skolen is a unique platform, free and available in all Nordic languages, and the teachers were very pleased to be informed about this opportunity. Norden i Skolen is a digital learning platform on which students themselves produce content and communicate with each other across the Nordic region. In 2020, no Greenlandic teachers were registered in the portal. In 2021, 122 teachers were registered!

The collaboration continues and is further developed.

Here are some examples of projects we have supported or our own work in 2021:

kort over Grønland med kontaktpersoner i de enkelte byer
NAPA’s infotravels

NAPA’s infotravels For many years, we’ve believed that artists and cultural actors around the country knew of NAPA, and that those who needed help, sought it out. In the summer of 2020, we got the opportunity to participate in an information-journey made possible by the

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Vi er Vestnorden
We are the West Nordics

In collaboration with Norden i Skolen, the Nordic House in Reykjavik and the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, we created the project “We are the West Nordic”. It is a teaching course for class 7-10, which focuses on what language means to our sense of identity.

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