NAPA's infotravels

For many years, we’ve believed that artists and cultural actors around the country knew of NAPA, and that those who needed help, sought it out.

In the summer of 2020, we got the opportunity to participate in an information-journey made possible by the Center for Arbejdsskader (Center for work injuries). It was then, that our colleague, Bula Larsen, travelled to South Greenland, where the travel team visited 16 cities and settlements.

When she came back it was with crystal clear results – people in the coast didn’t know us, and we had to go out to meet them.

kort over Grønland med kontaktpersoner i de enkelte byer

Journeys to the east, south, and north

Since our first infotravel, we’ve visited 36 cities and settlements in Greenland. The journeys to South Greenland in 2020, and North Greenland in 2021, were by ‘TULU’, an old inspectionsship, where all of 12 passengers, and 3 crew members had to squeeze, and live close to each other for over 2 weeks.


The trips to Tasiilaq and Sisimiut in 2020, and to the Disko Bay in 2021, were done through the air, and when we had to travel between the cities in the Disko Bay areas, we’d take the local sailing routes.


We’ve visited 17 schools, and have been in contact with 118 teachers, to whom we told about Norden i skolen, Nordplus, Nordjobb, and about general nordic opportunities for children and young adults. On those same visits we reached 346 students, whom we’ve held dream workshops or Vi er Vestnorden-workshop (we are the West Nordics-workshop) for.


Moreover, we’ve organized Tamassa, our open counseling, during our travels, where we presented opportunities for funding, for 39 interested citizens, and we’ve also met with 17 cultural actors spread about the places we visited.


The culture is the objective

NAPAs purpose in Greenland is to create cultural connections between greenlandic and nordic players in that field. The best way to achieve that ambition, is if we address the many inhabited places in Greenland.


Even a small settlement like Kangersuatsiaq in North Greenland, can hold on to a guitar player, who has a dream of putting together a music workshop. If he isn’t aware, that NAPA is willing to help, then it is our duty to inform him. That is why we have an ambition to reach the rest of the 35 cities and settlements in the future.


You can read about the individual trips, and read stories from many of the places that we’ve visited, down the page.

Whom have we reached:

Schools: 17

Students: 346

Teachers: 118

Cultural actors: 17

Tamassa: 39

Cities and settlements*: 36 out of 71

*The number of cities and settlements were found on Statistics Greenland.

The numbers in this text are pr. January 2022

Vi er Vestnorden
We are the West Nordics

In collaboration with Norden i Skolen, the Nordic House in Reykjavik and the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, we created the project “We are the West Nordic”. It is a teaching course for class 7-10, which focuses on what language means to our sense of identity.

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Project MII

NAPA works to make Nordic opportunities better known in Greenland. That is why NAPA travels around Greenland and conducts workshops for Greenlandic children and youths during Suliniut MII. ‘Suliniut’ means project, and ‘MII’ is an abbreviation of Meeqqaat Inuusuttullu Ilaapput, which means “children and young people are involved”.

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