Sustanability in cultural life

NAPA is the only Nordic institution located in Greenland. It commits, and it provides some opportunities.

We shall:

Stop climate change!

Culture influences people’s attitudes and actions. We contribute by supporting cultural projects that affect people. In the Arctic and in Inuit culture, people have adapted to the harsh reality of nature for millennia and found sustainable solutions. The Arctic is vulnerable and in the Arctic one can see the consequences of climate change on a daily basis. At NAPA, we work to ensure that Arctic perspectives are seen and recognized throughout the Nordic region. Our purpose is to share the Arctic expertise and knowledge with the rest of the Nordic community.

Responsible consumption and production

It is about doing more with less resources. In Greenland, we depend on planes, helicopters and boats to meet people who live in another town or village. We depend on aircrafts to interact and build sustainable relationships with people around us. But, once we fly somewhere, we make sure we do more.

This means that we encourage cultural actors to spend more time when they fly somewhere. It can be to combine a performance with a workshop for children and young people. It can also be to include network meetings with partners when you travel to do a concert. For the staff at NAPA, this means that we plan our travels so that we can do more with less resources. We try to attend several meetings in the same place. We plan different network meetings and collaborations in the same period close to each other.