Arctic perspectives are seen and recognized throughout the Nordic region

NAPA works to increase Nordic trust.
Trust requires knowledge about each other, and we see a great need to promote Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region. In everyday life, there is relatively good access to other Nordic cultural expressions in Greenland, especially from Denmark. There is less access to Arctic perspectives in the rest of the Nordic region. We do not have a common Nordic language, and few learn Greenlandic. Inuit culture is relatively unknown in Scandinavia and the culture is very different from the old farming culture of the Norsemen. There is nevertheless a circumpolar relationship between indigenous peoples in the Nordic countries, with common experiences from the Arctic. Inuit culture is a culture and a people who have lived in harmony with nature for millennia.


The Nordic region has a great need for many perspectives to become the world’s most sustainable region. Arctic perspectives can provide understanding and competence about a sustainable way of life based on old traditions. Through the Culture Support Programme, NAPA has, among other things, supported a network of young environmental activists and dissemination of old craft traditions.


NAPA works cross-sectorally and interdisciplinary to help ensure that Arctic perspectives are seen and recognized throughout the Nordic region.


NAPA is a visible player and contributes to the Nordic interests in Greenland.


For example, NAPA supported the Nordic program at the Nuuk International Film Festival (NIFF). We continue to work with NIFF and the Government of Greenland to ensure a sustainable structure around film production and the film industry in Greenland.

Niviaq Korneliussen won the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2021. Niviaq Korneliussen published her first text in 2012 as a participant in the writing competition Allatta!, which is a project initiated by NAPA and Milik Publishing. The project was repeated in 2015 and 2018. The work with Allatta! 4.0 has been initiated and aims to strengthen the Greenlandic literary environment. We want to help ensure that Greenlandic voices through literature are seen and recognized throughout the Nordic region. Niviaq Korneliussen is the first Greenlander to win the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

NAPA would like to contribute to more literary prize winners from Greenland!

The Arctic Arts Summit 2022 brings together representatives from the 8 Arctic countries and from indigenous peoples in the North. The goal is to strengthen art and culture in the North and to develop Arctic cooperation through art and creative business development.


Greenlandic perspectives will be presented in Whitehorse, Yukon 27 – 29 June 2022. NAPA has helped gather a Greenlandic delegation and will also engage cultural actors to contribute on the digital platform. The work of gathering cultural actors and applying for funding to be able to complete the journey will continue in 2022.

Here are some examples of projects we have supported or our own work in 2021:

borgere i nuuk center til åbningen af nuuk nordisk kulturfestival 2021
NNK 25.-28. May 2023
is taking shape

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2021 became a breathing space and a bearing towards brighter times. Artists and actors of all shapes and colors visited Nuuk at the end of October. Approx. 2500 guests over 4 days. 200 artists and actors from around the world who

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More than dollars and cents

Nuuk International Film Festival ended on September 18 after four days of entertainment through feature films and shorts from all around the world. For Industry Director Emile Hertling Péronard it is also a guarantee that he returns to Nuuk at least once a year. For

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