Project MII

We want to raise the awareness in Greenland of possibilities in the Nordic region. Therefore, we travel around the country to conduct workshops for young people under Project MII. ‘MII’ is short for ‘Meeqqat Inuusuttullu Ilaapput’ which is Greenlandic for ‘children and young people are involved’.

We also meet up with local cultural entrepreneurs and institutions working with cultural projects – as well as people interested in Nordic cooperation. 

The purpose of Project MII
Dream workshops

In collaboration with an artist we conduct workshops for youths. In Tasiilaq and Sisimiut we had them paint their dreams in blue colors to make a large collage. The dreams could be anything from owning a snowmobile to become a Hollywood-star to completing an education.

Isfjorden ved Ilulissat
Young Nordic cultural forces

Alongside the workshops, we talk about Nordic possibilities in mobility, education, folk high schools, or funding for school projects via Nordplus. We also encourage youths to apply for summerjobs in other Nordic countries through Nordjobb.

Information about NAPA's Cultural Support Programme

We would very much like to receive more grant applications from Greenlandic artists doing projects involving children and youths. Therefore, we take the time to counsel young people and other cultural actors in how to develop and manage projects, and how to apply for funding through our cultural support programme. Moreover, we can guide them through other Nordic support programmes, e.g. Nordic Culture Point. 

Working with locals

Before the travels we contact local  youth centers, culture centers, schools, music schools and other relevant cultural institutions and entrepreneurs. In Tasiilaq we collaborated with the youth center B2, and in Sisimiut with Taseralik Culture Center. Moreover, we arrange meetings with local artists and pedagogical and cultural profiles to broaden our network in Greenland.

Encourage the use of NAPA in cultural production

There are many ways in which locals can take an active part in creative cultural production and development of projects, and during our trips we encourage people we meet to apply for funding through our programme and to use us as partners or for sparring.

Other projects
Nuuk Nordic Cultural Festival

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is a week-long celebration of art and culture in all its forms – far from the heart of the Nordic region, but close to the heart of Nordic co-operation. Since 2015 Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival has helped to set the standard for how far art and culture can go within Nordic co-operation.

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Vi er Vestnorden
We are the West Nordics

In collaboration with Norden i Skolen, the Nordic House in Reykjavik and the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, we created the project “We are the West Nordic”. It is a teaching course for class 7-10, which focuses on what language means to our sense of identity.

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Wake up with NAPA

On the first Friday of each month, we invite you to wake up with NAPA. It is a cozy and non-committal breakfast salon for anyone who passes by. Each time we are visited by a cultural guest who talks about a current topic.

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