No more funds in the coffers

NAPA has distributed DKK 2.8 million over the last year, and now the entire pool has been used up. Thus, it is not possible to receive a grant if you apply for the last deadline of the year, which is 15 December.

NAPA looks at the last year with satisfaction. Despite the lurking threat of sudden austerity and restrictions in connection with the pandemic, cultural actors with lots of exciting events have taken the chance and sought the money.

Two of the big ones, namely Nuuk International Film Festival (NIFF) and Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival (NNK) – the latter is co-owned by NAPA – have managed to hold their festivals to the great delight of the audience. At the end of September, NIFF entertained with a wide range of feature films and short films from around the world, and at the end of October, NNK drew several thousand to cool concerts and exciting exhibitions.

In the spring, Hanne Trap Friis and Gukki Nuka presented their three-stage project “Tarnima nammatai – The wounds of my soul”, and in October it toured the west coast of Greenland, ending with a book launch in Nuuk on 28 October. The project is an intertwining of a play, an art exhibition and a book that tells about sexual abuse, despair and hope.

Tilioq – The Disability Spokesman has facilitated network meetings for Nordic young people with disabilities, where they have discussed what challenges they think are lacking focus in society, with politicians and other young people. This has, among other things, resulted in the founding of the association KIIP for young people with disabilities in Greenland.

These are just four examples of the many events that NAPA has supported with a view to Arctic perspectives being seen and recognized throughout the Nordic region.


From January it starts again

“The fact that the pool is empty a month before, I see as a sign that the cultural actors are hungry to return with lots of new events and initiatives that help to promote the Arctic perspectives,” says Director Anne Mette Gangsøy.

Fortunately, applicants do not have to wait long, because already January 15 is the next application deadline for NAPA’s Cultural Support Program, which in 2022 has a pool of 2,8 million kroner.

“We are very much looking forward to seeing what exciting projects will be applied for in 2022”, concludes Anne Mette Gangsøy.

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