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Other Nordic funds

Here we present a number of other Nordic support options and pools that you can apply for. Read more on their websites.

Pools under the Nordic Council of Ministers

There are a number of support schemes under the Nordic Council of Ministers within a wide range of subject areas.

Nordic Culture Point has a large number of programs, all of which support projects within Nordic co-operation.

The Nordic Culture Fund supports art and culture co-operation for both professionals and amateurs in the Nordic region. The key words for projects that receive support are: Variety, foresight, availability and quality. They support through various pools such as Puls, Globus, Opstart and Project funding.

Nordplus provides financial support for several types of educational co-operation within lifelong learning in the eight Nordic and Baltic participating countries.

The foundation’s primary purpose is to promote film and television productions in the Nordic countries by providing support for documentaries, feature films, and television series.

NORA supports collaborative projects involving partners from at least two of the four NORA countries (Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Coastal Norway). NORA does not normally support projects that are characterized as “pure” research or cultural projects.

Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA) manages a pool for the Nordic Council of Ministers, which is awarded to support translations of professional, fiction and children’s literature between the Nordic languages. The pool can be applied for by the publisher. In addition, professional theaters in the Nordic countries can apply for support for translation of plays.

The aim is to ensure the spread of and strengthen the knowledge of Nordic literature in Greenland. The pool is administered by the Greenland Writers’ Association, Atuakkiortut. Individuals cannot apply for support – the publisher must apply. The page referred to is in Greenlandic.

Other Nordic funds

The following funds and pools have a special focus on projects that relate to Greenland or involve Greenlandic actors.

The purpose of the foundation is to work for charitable and humane, artistic, and scientific purposes. The foundation processes applications on an ongoing basis.

As a member of Koda, you have the opportunity to apply for support from Koda’s Cultural funds. Koda also has specific funds for Greenlandic music projects. The other Nordic countries have similar organizations – TONO in Norway etc.

The Government of Greenland has several grant schemes and pools that support arts and culture. The grant schemes are administered by the Department of Education, Culture and Church under the Naalakkersuisut.

Municipal subsidy schemes in Greenland

The Greenlandic municipalities provide grants to local cultural, leisure and public information associations.

Avannaata Kommunia

Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq

Kommune Qeqertalik

Kommune Kujalleq

Qeqqata Kommunia

The Sermeq pool supports experimental cultural activities as well as collaborations between cultural actors and private businesses for Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq’s citizens.

The committee supports activities and projects that will improve the local area and create quality of life and community. There are six annual deadlines.

The Ivalo & Minik Foundation is a Greenlandic education fund that awards scholarships to Greenlanders who want to take an international higher education or an international continuing education course, including an internship in a company or organization.

The foundation provides support for the promotion of the cultural relations between Greenland and the Commonwealth.

The foundation supports charitable causes in Greenland. Cultural, sports and social projects as well as study trips and the like.

The funds in pool C are distributed to non-profit and cultural purposes. Applicants must be residing in Greenland.

The foundation provides support for social and humanitarian purposes, culture, shipping, and education. The foundation has a strategic focus on vulnerable children and youths.

The foundation supports projects in the fields of art and culture, as well as humanitarian and social projects. In addition, they have a special focus on research and education in Danish flora and fauna as well as maintaining a healthy balance between hunting and nature interests.

The foundation develops and supports art, culture and social projects. The foundation has a special focus on cultural projects as well as socially disadvantaged children and young people in Greenland.