In 2021, the Nordic Institute in Greenland has worked purposefully towards the vision:

The Nordic region will become the world's most integrated and sustainable region

We have identified 4 areas in which NAPA can make a difference.

NAPA has a unique, strategic location in the Arctic. The office possesses many competencies, especially in language, culture and communication. Through cooperation with our network of cultural actors throughout the Nordic region, we will contribute to achieving the vision.

The collaboration with teachers and students in schools in Greenland has been the most important work we have done in 2021. The collaboration will continue in 2022. We have contributed to a doubling of the number of Greenlandic applicants for Nordjobb. 118 teachers in Greenland have now been introduced to the common Nordic learning platform, Norden i Skolen.

Tarmina nammatai – The Wounds of our Soul is a combined theater performance, exhibition and book release on sexual abuse. It is perhaps the project for which the Culture Support Programme has provided funding in 2021 that has had the greatest impact on people in Greenland. The performance was sold out all over Greenland. Teater freezeProduction has worked closely with the National Board of Health and Welfare in Greenland. This project is an example of art and culture doing something that is difficult to achieve in ordinary social work. Working on attracting cultural projects that can make a difference for the individual northerner will continue in 2022 as well.

Bilde med tekst fire punkter strategi

We generally experience a greater interest in Greenlandic perspectives in both cultural and policy development in the Nordic region.

Is Greenland part of the world's most integrated region?

This question has been asked in public. NAPA aims to contribute to increased Nordic trust and an increased sense of being an equal partner of an integrated Nordic region. We want to help lower barriers to participation and motivate the sharing of expertise and sharing of Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region. We do this through cultural policy discussions, involvement in children and young people’s Nordic opportunities and support for Greenland’s cultural life.

The Culture Support Programme promotes creative co-operation between Nordic actors. Through creative exploration, added value is achieved, and trust is built between the people in the Nordic countries.