Team Kalaallit Nunaat Culture finds young performers for the Arctic Winter Games

NAPA has now found six young talents who will show Greenland’s cultural contribution to the Arctic Winter Games 2024 in Alaska.

In September, NAPA travelled to Tasiilaq to track down promising young talent for the Arctic Winter Games’ cultural programme. Here, 21 young people took part in auditions. After this, all young people in the country had the opportunity to participate in digital auditions. The young people have a really high level, and this paints a bright picture of the future of creative Greenland.

“We have received an impressive number of audition videos, and we were completely overwhelmed. We have the feeling of standing with a whole hand full of diamonds. We wish we could send many more, and the choice has been really difficult”, says Kuluk Helms, who is in charge of directing the cultural element for AWG.

The six youngsters have now been found

The choice has fallen on six creative talents. The choice has fallen on:

Hans Karlsen, Kullorsuaq 

Petra Bidstrup, Kullorsuaq 

Louisa Ignatiussen, Tasiilaq 

Poul-Erik Kristiansen, Tasiilaq 

Qarsoq Rasmussen, Nuuk 

Aviaaja Korneliussen, Nuuk 

Preparation for AWG

NAPA, the Nordic Institute in Greenland, is responsible for the Greenlandic cultural contribution to the Arctic Winter Games 2024. After the trip to Alaska, the Greenlandic cultural delegation will go on a tour in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, where they will meet with young people in the other countries.

“We are happy to be able to give the young people this opportunity. Our experience shows that many of those who participate in the Arctic Winter Games cultural program later have a career in cultural life. Creating opportunities for young people is our driving force”, says Søren Würtz, director of NAPA.

The Arctic Winter Games cultural program is supported by Tips- og Lottomidlerne, Sermeq Puljen, Grønlands Kunstfond, Nuuk Lokaludvalg, Nordisk Ministerråds VOLT-program, GIF Grønlands idrætsforbund and NAPA.

Best regards,

Jaqqa Petersen, Kuluk Helms og Søren Würtz.



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