Now you can once again apply for funding for Arctic projects

Every year, the Nordic Council of Ministers distributes DKK 7.3 million. DKK for projects in the Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programme. The focus is that the projects must promote a sustainable Arctic. The application round for 2024 is now open. It is possible to apply until 15 February. NAPA and Ilisimatusarfik administer the program.

In 2023, the Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programme has, among other things, supported:

  • The Circumpolar Maternal and Child Health group, which, based on indigenous people’s knowledge and living conditions, conveys knowledge to young children’s meetings via a podcast series.
  • Seals, Stigma and Survival, which will map the possibilities for the EU to open up more imports of seals from the Arctic.
  • Infrastructural vulnerability in the Arctic. The project illuminates how breakdowns in critical communication infrastructures shape the living conditions and social structures in the Arctic. The project creates a public debate about how infrastructural exposure can be prevented and handled.

All types of projects can apply, as long as the goal of the project falls within at least one of these sustainability themes:

  • Planet – The future of the planet
  • People – the population of the Arctic or
  • Prosperity – economically sustainable development.

The application must also be based on a broad partnership with at least three Nordic countries. There may also be partners from the rest of the Arctic.

Projects can be supported with up to DKK 500,000 per year for up to three years. You will find the criteria and the application portal on NAPA’s website.

If you are interested in receiving guidance, you can participate in NAPA’s online webinar on January 9 at 11. You can also contact NAPA at

Read more about the Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programme here. 



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