Prize competition about Energy in the Arctic

Nordic Energy Research (NER) aims to support Nordic energy co-operation. In connection with this, they hold a Nordic Energy Challenge every year, where players in energy sectors can submit their ideas for this year’s competition theme. This year, the theme is Energy in the Arctic. Here you will be able to win between DKK 7,792 and DKK 38,963!

The Arctic regions are known for having a variety of challenges and opportunities in green transition. That is why this year’s Nordic Energy Challenge focuses on Energy in the Arctic. Here, Nordic Energy Research asks these questions:

– Which energy challenges or solutions in the Arctic will, together with the rest of the Nordic region, pave the way for becoming the most sustainable and integrated region in the world?

– How can further Nordic energy co-operation facilitate the combination of high environmental ambitions and economic growth?

– In what ways can these ambitions achieve a broad and strong commitment from the public, business, industry and civil society?

In order to find solutions to support the green transition, they therefore need ideas from different actors. That is, companies from the energy sector and other sectors, researchers/academics, non-profit organizations, business and industry associations, students and individuals.

The Nordic Energy Challenge has also been created to provide various interested actors with a platform to develop new energy-related ideas through collaboration.

You can read more about the theme for this year’s Nordic Energy Challenge via the link. Here you will also be able to see the details of what the requirements are for the abstract and what the rest of the competition will look like.

You can submit your abstract of your proposal to In addition, you can send an email to them if you have any questions.

Deadline for submission is May 1st, 2022.

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