NAPAs direktør, Anne Mette Gangsøy ude i naturen

A grateful goodbye and thank you

After a short but memorable time with Anne Mette Gangsøy as director of NAPA, it is soon time to say goodbye to her. We do so with gratitude for all that Anne Mette has done in her time with us.
As the director of NAPA, Anne Mette Gangsøy has worked tirelessly to promote Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region. At the same time, she has also worked hard to make NAPA more visible in the rest of Greenland. But who is Anne Mette really?
– Yes, who am I? I am many things. I am a mother of two young girls. I was born and raised in Western Norway. I’m a leader who loves the people around me, and I’m also an extrovert. I like meeting new people, love learning new things – and am very curious by nature, says Anne Mette.
If you have walked past our office in Katuaq, or met Anne Mette elsewhere, then you have probably also noticed her energy and enthusiasm. This is the energy she has used to build up the Nordic Council of Ministers’ visions. She has also used her enthusiasm to hold on to NAPA with a warm and loving hand.
– A director has different responsibilities both internally and externally. So as a director, I have a responsibility to ensure that NAPA achieves its objectives and that we work towards the Nordic Council of Ministers’ visions. In addition, I have the responsibility to build a good working environment for the people who work here. A good ability to have as a director is also to be able to talk to everyone – no matter who they are.
An old dream and a new wish
Anne Mette has worked with culture and education all her life. Based on that, she put an extra focus on children and young people during her time at NAPA. The reason why she chose NAPA and Greenland? It started with a dream.
– I had an old dream of sailing from Norway to Greenland. I have been reading about Greenland since I was young. First it was about the great expeditions and the strong natural environments. That changed with Märta Tikkanen’s book “Storfangeren”, and there I just knew that I would one day travel to Greenland. I had to experience the people and the culture for myself.
After two years with NAPA, Anne Mette will leave at the end of June 2022. Because no matter how happy you are with your job or country – family is always more important.
– I do not quite know what I will in the future yet. I do know, though, that I want to be near my family and friends. Then I will also continue to work on something that I thrive on – and where I can also continue to learn something new, Anne Mette concludes by saying.
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