IMARSUAQ – The Roads of the Sea – encounters with and around the Arctic Ocean

The old Colonial Harbour in Nuuk will be transformed with image projections and sound on Friday 15 October 2021 at 18 – 20. There will be outdoor light shows on the walls, ice and rocks, and sound installations with live music. NAPA has supported the art group TURA YA MOYA’s project “IMARSUAQ – The Roads of the Sea”, where Nordic incl. Greenlandic artists and musicians are part of the project.
There will also be an indoor exhibition and concert in Nuuk Local Museum in the period 15 October – 14 November. The project explores the great ocean “IMARSUAQ” and its paths. What do the journeys that took place in the past mean for life today? How can we preserve the sea’s important food chain for posterity? Stories about the sea around the Nordics take the spectator on a journey. In addition to the participating Nordic and local artists’ works and input from various scientists, works created in collaboration with young people from schools in Nuuk, Atuarfik Tuiisaq (Paamiut), Qeqertarsuatsiaat Bygdeskole, Kulusumi Alivarpi, Tasiilami Alivarpik and Ungdomshuset Igdlo are on display. Students are invited to explore the great ocean, “IMARSUAQ”, and its paths, seen through the eyes of young people. The art group TURA YA MOYA (DK / D / GRL) har brought their traveling 20-foot media container equipped with sound and projection equipment. During the day, everyone is encouraged to visit the container and tell stories and experiences that they have had about and with the sea. The stories take the container on its further journey and are later included in a book / film project. The young people participate with video works and images, this creates a unique co-ownership in the project when they see their own works as part of a professional project. The following artists have contributed to the exhibition show with images and sound: Silpa Christensen (GL), Navarana Kaggviak Sørensen (GL), Matti Sumari (S / FI), Karen Thastum (DK), Roi Einarsson (FO) Anna-Farida Erdenreich (DK / D), Mia Lindenhann (GL), Anders Sunna (S), Julia Pars (GL), Udo Erdenreish (D), Kristian Blak (FO), Liv Thastum (DK / D), Students from LMA (LT), Vestmannarkor (FO), Mia Rogersdottir (S), Bent Kuitse (GL), Åge Larsen (GL), Harald Maqe (GL), Abel Ignatiussen as well as local youths and artists from Kulusuk, Tasiilaq, Qeqertarsuatsiaat, Nuuk and more. This year, the project visits Qeqertarsuatsiaat 19/10 -28/10, and Paamiut 6/11 -10/11, and will also visit Tasiilaq and Kulusuk. In addition to NAPA, the project has received support from Nordisk Kulturkontakt, NunaFonden, Statens Kunstfond Danmark, DJBFA and STARK.
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