Arctic perspectives are seen and acknowledged throughout the Nordic region

The Nordic countries have a great need for Arctic perspectives in order to be able to find sustainable ways of living. Arctic perspectives are necessary to convey understanding and competence about lifestyles and culture for survival in harmony with nature. To achieve the vision that the Nordic region will become the world’s most integrated and sustainable region by 2030, we see that NAPA can contribute to working to increase Nordic confidence. Trust requires knowledge and acquaintance with each other, and we see a great need to promote Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region.

As of today, there is relatively good access to other Nordic cultural expressions in Greenland – with access to film, TV, news, from all over the Nordic region, especially from Denmark. In the rest of the Nordic region, there is less access to the Arctic perspectives, be it the Greenlandic language, culture and especially Inuit culture – a culture and a people who have lived in harmony with nature for millennia. NAPA works cross-sectorally and interdisciplinary and through the cultural support program, its own projects and its own resources to help ensure that Arctic perspectives are seen and recognised throughout the Nordic region. Here are three examples:

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