Cultural Support Program

promotes creative co-operation between Nordic actors

Nye søkere i programmet

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When we look at the number of new applicants to the Cultural Support Program at the end of 2020, it may seem that we have succeeded in making the program known to more people. An expression of this is that as many as 77 % of the applicants from Greenland were new applicants in the program . We are very happy about this.


Since The Cultural Support Program was established in 1987 it has distributed 3 M Dkk annually to cultural actors in the Nordic countries. In the last five years, there have been 50-60% Greenlandic applicants and 40-50% applicants from the rest of the Nordic region.

NAPA’s Cultural Support Program differs significantly from other programs in the Nordic region, where Greenlandic applicants have a significantly lower proportion of applicants and in some programs are completely absent. In total in the Cultural Support Program, Greenlandic applicants have been allocated 5.7 million in the period 2016-2019. Other Nordic projects have received 6 million in the period 2016-2019.

Statistics for previous years show that Greenlandic applications make up 50-60% of the applicant mass, but it has been declining during the of several years. We can assume that the Covid pandemic has contributed to Greenlandic applicants in particular being cautious about applying for Nordic co-operation projects in 2020 that require travel activities.

Andel søknader - Sammenligning 2016-2020

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The year 2020

Sum tildelinger fordelt på kunstart

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The year 2020 stands out in many ways. Tough Covid conditions has had a major impact on the possibility of implementing cultural projects that involve co-operation in the Nordic region, across national borders. We see that this has affected Greenlandic applicants the most.

We have received a total of only 87 applications in 2020 – compared with 145 applications on average in the last four years. Of these, only 34 % percent are Greenlandic applicants. Therefore, early in the year, it was set as a clear goal in our strategy to increase the number of Greenlandic applicants.

Søknader fordelt på søgeland

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Antal bevilget fordelt på land

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Structure and digital application system

We have worked to update the handbook for The Cultural Support Program and to clarify the criteria in line with the vision «the world’s most integrated and sustainable region by 2030» and our own ambition to promote Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region.

The criteria we have moved towards are:

The criteria will finally be adopted at the board meeting in March 2021. At the same meeting, the handbook will be updated in line with the new vision.

We have invested in a new digital application system that will be implemented on the 15th of February 2021. With the automated processes, we will be able to retrieve informative statistics in an easier way and with fewer sources of error. The process is automated, transparent and provides more secure budget transfers.

Examples of projects that have received support

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