Information and communication

about Nordic language, culture and identity

At the change of director in 2020, NAPA received feedback that NAPA is not well known in Greenland. Children and young people do not know the possibilities of growing and expressing themselves in Nordic co-operation. Cultural actors and people in general are not aware of the possibilities for applying for funding from the Cultural Support Program and other programs under Nordic auspices. Greenlandic youth is underrepresented both in Nordjobb and in applications for educational support. Confidence in Nordic co-operation is relatively low, and most people do not seem to be aware that it can be useful to be part of a Nordic community.

NAPA has in 2020 worked intensively to disseminate and increase knowledge about Nordic co-operation. Important tools have been the active use of social media, visits around Greenland, the best possible accessibility, contact and cooperation with the Greenlandic authorities, both at the self-government level and the municipal level.

2020 has been a extraordinary year. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a significant investment in digital communications. In 2020, NAPA has invested in equipment, expertise and cooperation in order to be able to use the digital opportunities to contribute to the Arctic perspective being seen and acknowledged throughout the Nordic region and to engage civil society – and especially children and young people.

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