You can now apply for the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme

On 1 December, the application round for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic Cooperation Programme opened. On January 13, NAPA will hold a webinar on the Programme.

This year’s big application round for the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme is now open. Both new and recurring applicants can already apply for funds from the fund on our application portal. The application deadline is 15 February 2023.

You can also already mark January 13th at 10:00 a.m., because there Pauliina Oinonen, advisor in NAPA, will hold a webinar about the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme, where she will present the cooperation programme and the application process, after which there will be an opening for questions.

You can also watch last year’s webinar on our website.

About the Arctic Cooperation Programme

For 25 years, the Nordic Council of Ministers has had the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme, and it is now the tenth time that the program has been launched.

The Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme is a fund which purpose is to promote Nordic international cooperation in – and to the benefit of – the Arctic.

The fund is thus not exclusively a research fund, but can be applied for by both authorities, institutions, researchers, NGOs and business operators.

Over the years, the program has supported projects that contribute to a development based on peace, stability, protection, growth and prosperity. The program has also contributed to projects and initiatives within the Arctic Council.

In continuation of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ vision for 2030 to become the world’s most integrated and sustainable region, the purpose of the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme is to contribute to achieving the three strategic priorities of a green, competitive and sustainable Nordic region, where special consideration is given to the UN’s 17 World Goals.

The management of the fund

While it is the Nordic cooperation ministers who have the overall responsibility for the program, and the Nordic Advisory Committee for the Arctic who is responsible for distributing the money, it is NAPA and Ilisimatusarfik who are jointly responsible for the management of the fund.

An evaluation panel has been set up to assess applications for the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme, which consists of six Ph.D. researchers with a background in Arctic research, and four non-researchers from the Arctic labor market in the form of business people, cultural figures and economists. Several Nordic countries are represented on the panel.

The decision regarding which projects are allocated funds is made by the Nordic Advisory Committee for the Arctic in consultation with the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

On our website you can also read our frequently asked questions about the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme.

We look forward to receiving your applications and see you at the webinar on January 13!


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