Familien Norden

What is family – what is the Nordic region?

Six young actors meet in a performance at ZeBU, where they in the transition between reality and fiction discuss what being part of the Nordic family means to them – and what divides them.
In the theater production Familien Norden, two Greenlandic, two Danish and two Norwegian actors have put an end to the idea that the Nordic region is one, united region. With the combined history of the three countries as a springboard, namely Hans Egede’s arrival in Greenland 300 years ago, the six actors explore, through personal stories, bodies and music, the notions of the perfect family and dreams for the future. Along the way, they explore norms, stereotypes, and their own role in the family. With the pandemic that has affected young people’s lives, closed borders and experiences, at a time when globalization, individualisation and liberation have played an increasingly important role, the Nordic Family has been a free space where the six young people have been able to unwind and consider what that is, to be in a family and what Nordic unity really consists of. Is the Nordic family at all in the young people’s consciousness? The performance has been created as a collaboration between ZeBU, Bergen Borgerscene and freelance performing artists from Greenland. It has been shown in Denmark, and is next on its way to Norway, then Greenland. The performance is supported by NAPA, Nordic Culture Fund, Norden 0-30, Norwegian Cultural Council, Nuna Foundation, A.P. Møller Foundation, Tips & Lotto GL, Amager East Local Committee, Amager West Local Committee and Bergen Municipality. For more information on the performance.
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