ÎVA live on stage - from the Nordic Remix case video

Nordic Remix – a digital music collaboration

Musical storytelling, Nordic artists and collaboration across cultures, musicalities and national borders. The “Nordic Remix” project has received support from NAPA’s Cultural Support Program. Behind the initiative is the media collective Are We Europe and they have made a video about the project – watch it here

From the project description:

“With the project “Nordic Remix”, we want to raise questions about cultural identity through a collaborative storytelling musical project. A collaboration between Nordic musicians and workers within the media industry, with the aim of telling a story together by combining, developing, strengthening and preserving the groups cultural expressions, deriving from the different participants traditions, languages ​​and cultural heritages.”

The participating musicians are:
– Katarina Barruk​ (Sweden)
– Arnljot Nordvik​ (Norway)
– Gustav Lynge Petrussen​ (Greenland)
– Auður Viðarsdóttir​ (Iceland)
The participating organizers and media team are:
– Francesca Vincentie, Sweden – Artistic Director / Project Lead
– Christian Helgi Beaussier, Iceland/France – Cinematographer
– Mick ter Reehorst, The Netherlands – Journalist / Head of the Story Design Sprint
– Therese Larsson, Sweden – Sound technician
– Jens-Christian Lyberth Lennert, Greenland – Cinematographer
– Ásdís Hanna Gunnhildar Guðnadóttir, Iceland – Illustrator
Cooperating organizations

Collaborating organizations for the project are the Brussels-based media collective ​Are We Europe​ & the festival ​Arctic Sounds​ based in Greenland.
Are We Europe​ is a media collective made up of 500+ journalists and creators founded by and for young creatives in Europe with the aim of raising voices from the peripheries and reporting on issues of European identity through collaborations between aspiring, motivated creators.
Arctic Sounds​ -​ an annual music and arts festival that takes place in Sisimiut, Greenland with the aim of strengthening and paying attention to Nordic musical acts.
The team will initiate a collaboration in ​Sisimiut, Greenland- under the festival Arctic Sounds, ​and will be given time to brainstorm and create music and a storyline together with the support from a program containing methods for artistic work.
The result of the collaboration will be an EP with newly written music and stories about the participants and the process.
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