Unison Strings øver

Nordic strings in Greenland

The Nordic string group Unison Strings has made workshops for children and young people and played concerts in Greenland

Since 2014, the inter-Nordic classical string festival, Unison Strings Festival – Greenland, has been inviting string students and professional string players from Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark to 10 intense days in Greenland with rehearsals and concerts.

In 2018, the festival wanted to try something new and different, and therefore joined forces with the Greenlandic band, Small Time Giants, to create a magnificent concert in Ilulissat, where the rock band was merged with the Unison Strings Festival’s classical string orchestra. It turned into a memorable and touching concert, where up to 600 people had turned up to this unique experience. The concert was immortalized on film by Jens Christian Lennert Lyberth and Anda Otto Schmidt, and shows that together – across national borders, age and cultural differences – you can create the most amazing moments.

The project is supported by NAPA.

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