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Apply for funding for your Nordic project

There are many opportunities for funding cultural projects in the Nordic region. NAPA’s Culture Support Programme is one of them, but there are many others. Several can be applied for at Nordic Culture Point, a Nordic cultural institution in Helsinki, Finland.

Nordic Culture Point administers the Nordic Council of Ministers’ support program for cultural co-operation and the Nordic-Baltic mobility program for culture. The various programs, with a total of six different forms of support, award approximately five million euros a year and you have the opportunity to apply for support for you or your cultural project.

Nordic Culture Point has a head office on the island of Suomenlina from Helsinki in Finland, but also has an office in the center of Helsinki in the Kajsaniemi district. Here you will also find the Nordic Library, which has a large collection of Nordic fiction and non-fiction, children’s and youth literature, and newspapers in all Nordic languages.

The grants from Nordic Culture Point is divided into various target groups (programmes) that target professional actors in the cultural industry, but also private and broader groups that contribute to strengthening the Nordic dimension in the field of culture.

Network funding enables periods of collaboration, exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional artists and cultural workers in the Nordic and / or Baltic countries.

Mobility funding is for professional artists or cultural workers’ travels and stays in the Nordic and / or Baltic countries.

The Culture and Art Programme supports projects with artistic and / or cultural quality that promote a versatile and sustainable Nordic region.

Residence funding enables artist residences in the Nordic-Baltic area. These residences are places that receive professional artists and cultural workers from other Nordic or Baltic countries.

Norden 0-30 supports children and young people’s own projects and will strengthen their organization, influence and participation in political, cultural and social activities.

VOLT is a culture and language program for children and youths, which aims to spark an interest in young people for each other’s art, culture and language.

The pools have different annual deadlines, which you can read about on the Nordic Culture Point website

Personal advice

You are welcome to contact Nordic Culture Point and speak to an adviser about your project and application. The questions can be for both the support programme in general or for the separate support schemes. This way, you can get flexible and tailored help for your application process. You can apply in Scandinavian or English.

Many options

You can read about the many other Nordic cultural resources here on the website in this article and overview

At NAPA you can also get advice and inspiration for your application. We will help you by phone, email, video calls or in person if you live in Nuuk. All questions are welcome about your project or your application.

How to make a budget?
How to get in touch with partners in the Nordic region?
Can you apply for Nordic funding for your project?
How can you make your project a reality?

We look forward to hearing from you and so does Nordic Culture Point.


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