Bilde av isfjell

A bridge to the future

NAPA – The Nordic Institute in Greenland – has focused on being able to provide young adults with opportunities to develop themselves for many years. This is true for the artistic aspects, but also for the educational ones. That is why, NAPA gives opportunities for students to intern at our office in Nuuk.

NAPA is a cultural institution, that works with several aspects within culture. One of our goals is to develop, support, and stimulate the cultural life in Greenland and other Nordic countries, with a special focus on children and young adults. In light of this, NAPA has opened up the office, so students can do their internship here.

– As an institution our focus is to contribute to learning. And considering that, having an intern is an advantage, as a mutually beneficial relationship would be formed. Students would gain experience, that they can use in the future, while we, in NAPA, can get a fresh pair of eyes in the office. It can also help us widen and develop our horizon, says the director of NAPA, Anne Mette Gangsøy.

NAPA as an internship

In August of 2021, NAPA had our first intern, since the change in directors. It was Maasi Brøns Chemnitz who took the role in line with him studying Journalism at Ilisimatusarfik.

– Cultural aspects have always been an area of interest for me, as I’ve worked with literature for many years. It’s one of the reasons, why I chose NAPA as an internship. The rest of the employees took good care of me from the beginning. There was an interesting dynamic at the workplace, as all of the employees came from different Nordic countries, and had differing backgrounds, says Maasi.

Maasi has worked at Atuagkat bookshop for many years, and he is planning to continue working there after he finishes his education. It is his opinion, that his time in NAPA has helped put his future in a clearer frame.

– I’ve learned more about the building blocks of a website, like how they function in general, and how much they can differ from each other from my time in NAPA. It’s something that I’ve really taken in, as I’d be able to use it in the future. I also feel that I’ve gotten to know myself much more after my internship. I learned how to say no, when the workload became too much, and learned more about what working within communication is more like. But I’d say that the best thing is when I got the chance to join in on the info travels, even though I’d just started. It’s an experience that I’m always going to cherish, says Maasi.

Specified work with culture and the north

Now, NAPA has gotten a new intern, who’ve also come to the office during her studying journalism at Ilisimatusarfik. Isabella Hindby Borg started her internship on the 1st of February 2022, after having completed her first internships period in the communications department of Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq.

– After my internship in the commune, I wanted to try a workspace with a specified focus area. That is why NAPA was an obvious choice for me. The commune works with several different areas, without a specific focus. But here, I have to focus on the cultural aspects as well as the Nordic collaborations. Apart from that, I get to try out more than just written communication, as I’ll also be able to try my hands with sound and video, says Isabella. She is excited to see, what this next half year will bring.

As an intern in journalism, Isabella will work with news for the website, and writing good stories from projects that NAPA has supported through the Culture Funding Program. She will also work with communications task within Info Norden.

Journalistpraktikant, Isabella Borg
The way forward

– Here in NAPA, we are always happy to lend a helping hand, in whatever way possible. That is why we’re going to continue having interns. We accept students from varying educations. In 2021, and in 2022, we’ve focused on students in journalism, as three of our employees have a degree in journalism as well. In that aspect, the interns of journalism will have a more rounded experience, and opportunity to grow and develop themselves, says the director.

Other than that, our door is always open for students and others, who wants to have a chat with us. Whether it be for an interview, or an assignment. We love to contribute. You can read more about interviews here.


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