2 young Greenlanders at Nordic Youth Meeting

The picture shows Karen Olsen-Lyberth (left), the Faroese Sanna Nolsøe-Djurhuus (middle) and Nina Titussen (right) from Sukorseq. Photo: Morten Rude

2 young Greenlanders from Sorlak and Sukorseq have been to Youth Training together with a lot of other young people from all over the Nordics on 1-3. October 2021.

50 young people from the 8 Nordic countries have been to Ungdomsøen near Copenhagen for Youth Training, where they developed exciting projects across the countries. The Danish Youth Council (DUF) is behind the project “Nordic Youth in Sustainable Communities” (NUBF) in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Children and Education. NAPA has been coordinating the Greenlandic participation, and are represented in the steering group that will assess the applications for a Youth Pool.

The purpose of the project is to create new stronger ties and sustainable communities between young people in the Nordic countries. The youth training is a physical meeting place where young people meet and develop ideas together. There is a pool attached – The Nordic Youth Pool – which will finance activities developed and run by the young people. With funds from the pool, young people can create physical meeting places in which activities and themes are defined by what is meaningful to them.

“I learned to write an application, and found several other Nordic youths that I can work with. In particular, I met with young people from the Faroe Islands. We currently have plans to develop a hiking project for young people from Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and then we apply for the pool. We would like to develop hikes from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq. The youths will learn to trust themselves more on the hike”, says Karen Olsen-Lyberth, board member from Sorlak, who has already walked the mentioned route and has other future projects in mind. Nina Titussen from Sorlak also participated in the Youth Training.

Who can apply?
All self-organized youth groups and youth associations in the Nordic countries, which have a good idea for a cool activity, can come together across at least 2 countries and apply for funding for the activity through the project’s activity pool. If the activity involves 2 countries, you can apply for 10,000-70,000 DKK, and if the activity involves 3 or more countries, you can apply for up to 100,000 DKK.

Common to all activities must be that they must be based on voluntary work and that the youths themselves must be responsible for the development and implementation of the project. There are two tracks to the youth training: 1) The activities must have incorporated one or more of the UN World Goals, and 2) Inclusive communities.


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