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Nordic and Arctic podcasts

We listen to podcasts from both the Nordic and Artic region, and we like to share our favourite shows. If you like to broaden your horizon in Nordic and Arctic matters, take a look at this list of podcasts. Please share your best recommendations with us.

Podcasts about Greenland

Listen to personal stories from people all around Greenland – in the framework of a larger story of a society undergoing great change. The podcast is produced by journalists Iben Danielsen and Annelise Mølvig. The podcast is in Greenlandic and Danish.

University of Greenland, Ilisimatusarfik, produces a series of podcasts featuring current research projects relating to Greenland before, now and in the future. The podcast is in English.

The Danish Arctic Institute makes a high-stakes podcast series about 300 years of common Danish-Greenlandic history spanning from the great explorers, over everyday life in Greenland before and now, to the large political currents in the Commonwealth today. The podcast is in Danish.

Take a guided tour of Copenhagen past all the places that relate to Greenland and the history of the Commonwealth. The podcast is in Danish.

Kâlánguak and Iben Mondrup embark on an emotionally hard journey to Sisimiut to find Kâlánguak’s biological family. The podcast is in Danish.

Katarina Lewkovich hunts qivitoq (wanderers that breaks with society and social norms and disappears into nature) in the Greenlandic mountains. She meets Amasa, who was attacked by a qivitoq during a reindeer hunt. The podcast is in Danish.

A Greenlandic-produced podcast about pregnancy, births, and parenthood. The podcast is primarily in Greenlandic, but also has Danish episodes.

Cille Biermann meets the Norwegian Morgenbladet’s cultural editor, Ane Farethås, and NRK’s Marta Norheim to talk about why Greenlandic literature is so popular in the Nordics right now. The language is Norwegian.

Podcasts fra Norden

The Finnish journalist Ida Klint is on a mission: to uncover and investigate cultural differences and identity in the Nordic countries. The podcast is in Scandinavian.

From the Nordic Council of Ministers comes the podcast series Nordic Talks about the biggest, global challenges of our time. The podcast is based on the Sustainable Development Goals and invites inspiring guests in relevant disciplines. The language is English.

An exciting and far-reaching podcast series about the Faroe Islands for better or worse. From current topics to the small, local stories no one knows about. The language is English.

A Scandinavian talk show taking differences and similarities between Danes, Swedes and Norwegians up for debate. The podcast is in Scandinavian.

Nordiske glasflag i sneen
Greenlandic talks in the North

Greenlandic talks in the North – Streaming Podcasts Debates As NAPA has entered into a partnership agreement with the Nordic Culture Fund, we have started a new project! The partnership agreement is a trans-Nordic partnership for holding cultural policy network meetings between 2022 – 2024.

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(N)ORD podcast
(N)ORD podcast

(N)ORD is our own podcast about words and languages in the Nordic countries. We want to contribute to the knowledge of Nordic languages, to make us all better at speaking together across Nordic borders and cultures.

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Creative Business Academy Greenland

Creative Business Academy Greenland Greenland’s economy is almost exclusively based on fish and shellfish. This makes the economy vulnerable and limits young people’s career choices. On the other hand, Greenland has a rich cultural life with international potential in both music, performing arts, fashion, film

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