Creative Business Academy Greenland

Greenland’s economy is almost exclusively based on fish and shellfish. This makes the economy vulnerable and limits young people’s career choices. On the other hand, Greenland has a rich cultural life with international potential in both music, performing arts, fashion, film and much more. The culture strengthens and allows for new business opportunities. But in order to fulfill this, the cultural and creative entrepreneurs in Greenland must have access to professional sparring, access to international networks and markets, better knowledge of personal branding, use of media, copyright and much more.


NAPA has therefore taken the initiative for Creative Business Academy Greenland – a collective name for the activities that combine economic and cultural sustainability. The activities will start in Nuuk, but the plan is to spread throughout the country. In addition, there will be a focus on internationalization and interaction with the rest of the Nordics and the Arctic. In the pipeline are:


  • Go-home meetings in collaboration with the Bank of Greenland
  • Mentor weekend where we invite cultural business developers from abroad to Nuuk
  • Advance the music field in the USA together with Iceland Music Export
  • Collaboration with the global Creative Business Network.
Other projects
Smilende kvinde med armene på kryds
Ready and set to advice

NAPAs advisor is now in place. Pauliina Oinonen has taken her place, and she is ready to show what she can do! Our advisor arrived despite the winterstorms of January 2022 – but a whole week later. Pauliina is originally from Finland, but she has

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borgere i nuuk center til åbningen af nuuk nordisk kulturfestival 2021
NNK 25.-28. May 2023
is taking shape

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2021 became a breathing space and a bearing towards brighter times. Artists and actors of all shapes and colors visited Nuuk at the end of October. Approx. 2500 guests over 4 days. 200 artists and actors from around the world who

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