Børn og unges kunstværker fra workshop i Sisimiut

NAPA meets children and young people in Disko Bay

NAPA travels to Disko Bay in the period from June 3 to June 18, 2021. NAPA will meet with children and young people as well as teachers to talk about their Nordic opportunities and do dream workshops at some of the schools in the towns of Disko Bay. Citizens can also come to the town halls for advice on cultural projects and on NAPA’s culture support programme.
You can drop in at NAPA’s open counseling, Tamassa, in the following towns if you want to do a cultural project or have plans to do one and get advice on how to make an application, a budget, how to find a partner from the other Nordic countries etc. See what times you will be able to meet us in the assembly halls below: Ilulissat 3. – 6. juni Tamassa counseling in Atuarfik Mathias Storch School’s Hall on Friday 4 June at 18.00-20.00 Qasigiannguit 6. -8. June Tamassa counseling in Qasigiannguit town hall Monday, June 7 at 18.00-20.00 Asia 8.-10. June and 13.-15. June Tamassa counseling in the Aasiaat Assembly House on Tuesday, June 8 at 18.30-20.00 Qeqertarsuaq 10. -13. June Tamassa counseling in Qeqertarsuaq town hall Thursday, June 10 at. 18.00 – 20.00 Kangaatsiaq June 15-18 Tamassa counseling in Kangaatsiaq town hall on Thursday 17 June at 18.00 -20.00
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