Indigenous Knowledge

Moderator: Nathan Kreutzmann

Producer & Photo: Aqqalu Augustussen

Vivi Vold has an MA in Cultural and Societal History and has created a movie called From Where We View the World as her thesis.


Vivi is the first in Greenland to make her thesis in movie form. The thesis addresses the topic of Kalaallit know-how and knowledge that needs to be acknowledged and understood in the world of research. For example, many hunters and fishers who participate in research projects find that their knowledge and experience doesn’t get used, nor acknowledged in research. They also observe that the researchers who arrive are far off, when it comes to understanding the reality and perspectives that Kalaallit use to understand the world and pass on knowledge. This creates a cliff between the parties.


This film is a conversation with Vivi Vold about the obstacles, challenges and cliffs between Indigenous knowledge, and the knowledge of the West—which includes Kalaallit knowledge and western research.


It also touches upon possible solutions, and new ways to understand them.

Vivi VoldVægmaleri af inuit-piger i Sisimiut af Cheeky - foto af Cheeky
You can see the talk between Nathan Kreutzmann and Vivi Vold here: