Opportunities with NAPA

At NAPA, we learn and develop in collaboration with others. We work closely with many actors that are mainly in Greenland, but we also work closely with the other cultural institutions in the Nordic Council of Ministers.


As an institution, we work a lot to convey and communicate. We tell the Nordics about the different perspectives and activities in Greenland. In addition, we communicate within Greenland and the Nordic countries.


We do this because we follow our strategy:


  • Arctic perspectives must be seen and recognized throughout the Nordic region
  • We will contribute to increasing Nordic trust


The best way to ensure that our values, Openness, Trust and Equality are respected is by communicating. We pass on information ourselves through our website and social media. But another form of communication is also possible, and that is through interviews.


By opening our door to people who want to talk to us, we are communicating to a wider audience. At the same time, we learn and develop as an institution. Our door is open to those who want office space at our place, and we always have an open door for students who want to get in touch with us. Whether it’s about interviews for news or for assignments, we’re always happy to contribute.


Example of interview

Back in October 2021, Karen Motzfeldt took the opportunity to interview the director of NAPA, Anne Mette Gangsøy. Karen is a master’s student in Journalism at Ilisimatusarfik.

– My original theme had to be changed to a plan b at the last-minute. With very short notice and great enthusiasm, Anne Mette made herself available to me as a student and for the interview. It allowed me to complete my mandatory assignment. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a committed and enthusiastic person with great knowledge, experience and curiosity about my subject, says Karen.

You can read Karen’s assignment “Have you lit a spark today” about Anne Mette here.


It’s always nice

At NAPA you can get information about various aspects within culture and Nordic co-operation. You are welcome to contact us if you need sources or information. Whether it is within culture, the Nordic countries or our working methods.

– I learn by meeting with others. NAPA as a workplace teaches and develops us in meeting others. It is especially interesting to meet students who have a fresh look at our institution and are relatively new to working life. They often see things that we have become blind to, says the director of NAPA.

It’s not just the director you can talk to. All employees within NAPA keep track of various tasks. You can follow the link and see who you can talk to.