In Greenland, it is often expressed that there is not enough Greenlandic literature for the youth of Greenland, written by youth themselves. Literature that mirrors their lives today. In that context, it is important to create initiatives that facilitate an increase in the production of literature, that mirrors the lives of youth, as well as develops their creative intellect and increases their desire to read.

This was what led NAPA to start a competition for youth in Greenland. The competition was a success and now the time has come to make the third anthology in the series a reality with young authors in Greenland.

Through 'Allatta! 3.0' we wish to create a sense of community over borders with the rest of the Nordic countries, so the youth have an opportunity to mirror each others' culture, through creating new Greenlandic youth literature, translated to a Scandinavian language.

Allatta can be translated to "let us write", and is a continuation of Allatta - Young in Greenland, Young in the World from 2013. In 2014 NAPA announced the second competition, the topic of which was 2040, where the young authors were invited to write about how Greenland will look like in 2040. This time, we have decided to widen the genres and the age of the applicants, so that youths between the ages of 15 and 30 years old ow can submit novellas, lyric, essays and graphic novels about the theme: Space.

We are opening up to the diversity of the creative youth through the widening of the genres, the age limit, and the theme. Due to the fact that there isn't a writing school in Greenland, Allatta has become a springboard for aspiring authors all over the country.

The Importance of Allatta for Youth and Greenland

The whole raison d'etre with the Allatta!-anthologies is to encourage and give space for youth to write, exchange and try out ideas, spar with each other and be guided hy professionals. At the same time, the publishing work would develop talents who want to, and are given the chance to continue writing.

Both were achieved by the first two anthologies. After the submission and selection of texts, the youth attended bootcamps, where they were sparred on and guided by each other, as well as professional writers Jessie Kleemann, Mette Moestrup and Niviaq Koneliussen.The winners of Allatta! left for a journey of inspiration to other Nordic countries, where they visited a school for writers, high schools, and book fairs etc.

The effects of all this have been that Young in Greenland - Young in the World has been translated and published in Swedish and as a Greenlandic audio book, three authors have continued writing and have published works independently, two of whom are currently working on their second books. Niviaq Korneliussen has become famous in Greenland as well as Denmark, and is now on the verge of making an international breakthrough with German, English and French releases of her book Homo sapienne. Sørine Steenholdt published a collection of novellas called 'Zombieland', which was nominated for the Nordic Literature Prize, and Sørine is continually invited to different literary events around the Nordic countries. She is now working on her novel. Many of the youth have been invited to cultural events and to visit high schools, and to read their work. One of the participants has finished his story as a manuscript and another is working on a novel.

The Allatta!-competition has been the place where young people have been heard and have been given the opportunity to work with their texts. The best thing about the competition is that it isn't over when the anthology is published, rather gives youth a chance to follow their talents and dream long after.

The books and authors from the Allatta!-competition have been eagerly met by library-goers. 'Inuusuttut - nunatsinni nunarsuarmilu' (2013) is without question the most loaned Greenlandic book for young adults for the past 4 years. Homo Sapienne by Allatta 1 winner Niviaq Korneliussen is on shared 2nd place in terms of loans despite only being available for 2 years. 2040 (2015) is in 7th place, even though it's only also been available for a couple of years as well.

Allatta 2040 was a part of the Nordic Library Week in 2016, where it was read aloud from and so it became the 3rd ever Greenlandic book to have been read from under the week. So a youthful Greenlandic voice was heard by the Nordic countries in 2016.

Statements from previous winners: 

After attending Allatta I have become more open with showing my texts to others. The time after Allatta has given many experiences, since I've come into the world of literature.

Being a winner of Allatta has opened many doors. I can live off writing and all that comes with it.” – Sørine Steenholdt, one of the winners of Allatta 2013.

"The best thing about Allatta was that I met other young Greenlandic budding writers, and that you got a chance to develop one's writing technique. Being a part of Allatta has opened the door for a career as an author. I have been approached to write a manuscript to a play, which will be shown here in February." - Maasi Chemnitz, one of the winners of Allatta 2040.

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Publisher: Milik Publishing

Allatta! is made possible in co-operation with:

NAPA, milik publishing, Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and Kalaallit Atuakkiortut