The cultural and creative industries must be mapped so that we can promote development - NAPA analyses the cultural and creative industries in Greenland

Creativity is Greenland’s most important resource. But we have very little knowledge of the creative and cultural industries. To learn more about the needs of the cultural and creative industries, NAPA is launching a needs analysis in Greenland. The analysis must create a basis for making offers, business opportunities for the country’s creatives. 


Today, there is not very much knowledge about the creative people and companies in the country, and even less about what is required to create a sustainable development based on the creative people’s needs and dreams. 


NAPA, the Nordic Institute in Greenland, has designed a questionnaire that focuses on the cultural and creative industry in Greenland. We encourage all creative people and companies to participate and give their input. We hope that many creative people will answer the questions, so that we obtain a strong knowledge base. A strong knowledge base will pave the way for making offers that create career opportunities and business opportunities for the country’s creatives. 


The target group for the analysis is all creatives, regardless of whether they are individuals or creative companies, and regardless of whether they primarily work within the creative profession or have it as a side profession. Or if you simply dream of using your creative abilities in the future. 


You can answer in Greenlandic, English, or Danish. 


We will draw lots for a gift card for Air Greenland of DKK 4,000 among all participants. 


Link to questionnaire in English


Link to questionnaire in Greenlandic


Link to questionnaire in Danish

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