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Moderator: Nathan Kreutzmann

Producer & Photo: Aqqalu Augustussen

Susanne Andreasen, teaterdirektør
Actors are an essential part of preserving culture

In this episode we speak with the director of The National Theatre of Greenland Susanne Andreasen and the manager of studies Vivi Sørensen.


The director of the theater believes that there needs to be more political support for the theatre, including financial support. The acting education program is 2 years long, but the director of the theatre and the manager of studies think that the duration of the education should be extended to 3 years, so that the education can be more in-depth.

Vivi Sørensen, studieansvarlig for Skuespillerskolen
You can see the talk between Nathan Kreutzmann, Susanne Andreasen and Vivi Sørensen here: