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Moderator: Nathan Kreutzmann

Producer & Photo: Aqqalu Augustussen

Katti Frederiksen, forlagsejer og næstforperson for Grønlands Forfatterforening
There is a need for progress in Greenland’s literary scene


There is too little debate about literature in Greenland, and greenlandic authors are only praised in Greenland, when they are recognised for their work in other countries. This is the opinion of publisher and vice-president of the Greenland Writers’ Association, Katti Frederiksen.


Author Niviaq Korneliussen’s book Naasuliardarpi won the Nordic Council Literature Prize last year and the book received a lot of attention abroad. But the author is missing a more in depth focus on literature in Greenland, not only on the content of the books but also on the use of language.

Niviaq Korneliussen, forfatter
You can see the talk between Nathan Kreutzmann, Niviaq Korneliussen and Katti Frederiksen here: