"We are the West Nordics" in Nuuk

When we visit schools and talk with the students, and teachers, during our travels around Greenland, a part of the presentation is always about “We are the West Nordics”, a digital teaching course for 7th to 10th grades under  Norden i Skolen. (The North in the School).


The purpose of the material is to have the students in Greenland, Iceland, and The Faroe Islands think about, what language means for our identity.

West Nordic day 2021

When we came closer to the West Nordic day 2021, we decided that it made sense to also hold a conference for teachers in Nuuk about  ”Vi er Vestnorden” (“We are the West Nordics”).

During the teachers conference we had an advisor visit from Norden i Skolen, who spoke further about the opportunities that exists through the platform.

An approximate of 30 teachers came to the conference, and during the two hours, they were informed, had time to ask questions, and they even did an assignment from the teaching course “We are the West Nordics”, where the teachers had to make a small video about themselves, and end it with their names and the words “this is my North!”.

The North in the School

Norden i Skolen is an online platform with teaching materials for seven different subjects, translated to all of the nordic languages, including greenlandic.

That is why, it is a unique opportunity for schools in all of the Nordic regions, as they get access to almost 400 pages of a variety of teaching materials.

West Nordic Day 2021

West Nordic Day 2021 will be held on Thursday September 23 in Greenland, The Faroe Islands and Iceland to strengthen and put into focus the cultural collaboration between these 3 West Nordic countries.In Nuuk NAPA has organised to separate and fascinating events in Katuaq. The

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Whom have we reached:

Schools: 17

Students: 346

Teachers: 118

Cultural actors: 17

Tamassa: 39

Cities and settlements: 36/71

The number of cities and settlements have been found on Statistics Greenland.