NAPAs Northern journey

The ship ‘TULU’ was the vessel for the Northern journey, that went from Nuuk to Kullorsuaq, where 13 inhabited places were visited, including the discontinued mining city, Qullissat.

The journey lasted for 16 days, where most of the sailing was done during the night time. The ship would have arrived to the pier of the next city or settlement by morning, and we’d get two to three hours at each place to meet with the locals.

Center for Arbejdsskader (center for work injuries) participated on the journey, and they were the ones, who had arranged the trip. Veterinary and food business, the Ombudsman of Inatsisartut and KNAPK also joined on the trip. While our travel companions used the local community centers to reach the locals, and tell them what they do, we at NAPA went and visited the schools.

Here we told the schools about the many opportunities that the young had in the nordic fellowship, and we showed them our online educational materials, and how they could get in contact with friendship-classes through Norden i Skolen and Nordplus.

A completely different Greenland

If you only live in one city throughout your life, without seeing the rest of the country that you live in, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’d experience a cultural shock, when you finally get to see other regions.


That was also the case for our intern, who’d only visited Ilulissat once when he was a kid, and South Greenland as a grown up. When ‘ TULU’ went past the Nuussuaq peninsula and reached Uummannaq, it was like arriving to a completely different arctic country.

The nature and culture was something else, but he did still recognize the faces.

The difference only grew, the further north we travelled, but at the same time, the similarities only became clearer.

“… but the journey wasn’t just work”

Over the course of 16 days, the communications employees at NAPA travelled to North Greenland, a journey that took them from Nuuk to Kullorsuaq, and gave way for them to visit no less than 13 inhabited places (and one abandoned city). A journey that long,

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en kop kaffe på rækværket med udsigt over havet
A pearl in the cold North

Kullorsuaq didn’t just offer sunshine and nice weather, but also ambitions and activities, when NAPAs envoys reached the settlement on the 1st of September. It’s buzzing with life, and the locals are smiling and greeting when we pass them on the roads of Kullorsuaq. The

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Whom have we reached:

Schools: 17

Students: 346

Teachers: 118

Cultural actors: 17

Tamassa: 39

Cities and settlements*: 36 out of 71

*The number of cities and settlements were found on Statistics Greenland.