Around the Disko Bay

Our mission is clear;  We have to talk about Nordic opportunities all throughout Greenland, and this time, it is the area around Qeqertarsuaq, also known as Disko Bay, turn to be visited.

The journey has been changed and adjusted several times, but now we are ready. Tickets have been booked, appointments have been made, and Disko Line is on the water.


We have decided to try to reach all of the cities in the area, and have been well received in our inquiries to the schools. Our goal is for children and young people to experience, that they have opportunities in a diverse Nordic community, and that is why we have to tell them, that those opportunities exist.


It will also be a trip, where the three of us (employees) will be able to get to know each other better, and find a way to work together in the best possible way, to ensure that we reach NAPAs goals.

You can read more about what we experienced in the travel letters below.

We met with so many committed youngsters and adults! Creativity is flourishing in both the culture and education of Greenland, and it was a pleasure to be able to connect all the exciting people together throughout the Nordic region.

The wonderful nature took our breath away! The experience of watching the glacier calve, the sound of ice falling into the sea, the wave drifting away, and we wonder if the small boat will manage – it is almost impossible to describe.

It was also a very nice experience, to feel that we reached out and maybe sowed some seeds, and talk about some possibilities that people didn’t already know about.

There are many opportunities in the Nordic community, there are chances to meet creative people, there are networks that you can participate in, there is money, and it’s a community that I hope, that we in Greenland, can contribute to with our Arctic perspectives.

Udsigt fra Qasigiannguit
Travelogue part 1

“If you’ve only been to Nuuk, you haven’t been in Greenland” I thrive very well in NAPA’s office, which is located in Greenland’s largest culture house, Katuaq. Katuaq is buzzing with life and we daily meet cultural actors who work on various projects. When I,

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Whom have we reached:

Schools: 17

Students: 346

Teachers: 118

Cultural actors: 17

Tamassa: 39

Cities and settlements: 36/71

The number of cities and settlements were found on Statistics Greenland.