NAPA's board 2020-2022

NAPA’s board is set for three years at a time, with five members from the Nordic countries. Greenland is represented by one member appointed by the Greenland Naalakkersuisut for Culture (Ministry of Culture).

Board meetings are held semi-annually. Always in Copenhagen around the turn of the year and in Greenland after the summer holidays.

Claus Kjeld Jensen

Chairman of NAPAs board 2020-2022

Director for Vardemuseerne

Juaaka Lyberth, næstformand i NAPAs bestyrelse 2020-2022

Juuaka Lyberth

grønlansk Deputy chairman of NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Writer, musician, songwriter, lecturer and freelance cultural journalist

Elin Á Rógvi, NAPAs bestyrelse

Elin á Rógvi

NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Children’s book writer and editor of the Faroese children’s radio in Kringvarp Føroya

Maria Huhmarniemi, NAPAs bestyrelse

Maria Huhmarniemi​

NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Associate Professor at the University of Lapland and visual artist

Þórgnýr Dýrfjörð, NAPAs bestyrelse

Þórgnýr Dýrfjörð

NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Director of Akureyrarstofa, Akureyri’s office for culture and marketing, tourism and local companies