NAPA's board 2023-2025

The board is appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and will be constituted in February 2023. NAPA’s board is set for three years at a time, with five members from the Nordic countries. Greenland is represented by one member appointed by the Greenland Naalakkersuisut for Culture (Ministry of Culture). 

If there are questions regarding the board, you can contact NAPA at

Board meetings are held semi-annually. Always in Copenhagen around the turn of the year and in Greenland after the summer holidays.


Members of the board of the Nordic Institute in Greenland (NAPA) for the mandate period 1.1.2023-31.12.2025:

Kai Latvalehto – Finland.

Elin á Rógvi – Faroe Islands.

Jakob Søvndahl Skovaa – Greenland.

Kristin Eysteinsdottir – Iceland.

The Danish board member will be appointed shortly.

Claus Kjeld Jensen

Chairman of NAPAs board 2020-2022

Director for Vardemuseerne

Juaaka Lyberth, næstformand i NAPAs bestyrelse 2020-2022

Juuaka Lyberth

grønlansk Deputy chairman of NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Writer, musician, songwriter, lecturer and freelance cultural journalist

Elin Á Rógvi, NAPAs bestyrelse

Elin á Rógvi

NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Children’s book writer and editor of the Faroese children’s radio in Kringvarp Føroya

Maria Huhmarniemi, NAPAs bestyrelse

Maria Huhmarniemi​

NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Associate Professor at the University of Lapland and visual artist

Þórgnýr Dýrfjörð, NAPAs bestyrelse

Þórgnýr Dýrfjörð

NAPA's board of directors 2020-2022

Director of Akureyrarstofa, Akureyri’s office for culture and marketing, tourism and local companies