NAPA –The Nordic Institute in Greenland set a focus on food waste in week 46 (2015), in collaboration with Pisiffik and Nuuk Center. We did so, by hosting a large event about foodwaste in Nuuk Center, on Saturday November 15th. It was free and everyone’s invited?
Here, you could hear more about food waste and what you, as a consumer and personally can do, to reduce it.


Kl. 11:00 – 11:15             Welcome with NAPA, about the Think.Eat.Save-excibition and presentation by host Ane Marie Ottosen

Kl. 11:00 – 13:00             Audience adults: Tell us your best advice on reducing food waste!
                                        Audience children: Draw your best picture of food waste
                                        Meet politician and cookbook author Michael Rosing, who’ll sign his book ”Reindeer – from mountain to plate”

Kl. 11:15 – 11:35            Uncovering of children’s sculptures wiht Lisbeth Karline Poulsen and host Ane Marie Ottosen

Kl. 11:35 – 12:35            Ane Marie starts the chef’s competition

Kl. 12:35 – 12:45            Krissie Berthelsen Winberg announces the winner of the chef’s competition

Kl. 12:45 – 13:00            Audience prizes from Ittu.Net and Michael Rosing for best advice and best drawing from Legekæden

Kl. 13:00                          Thank you for today

On the day, you could join the Facebook group ’Stod madspild’ (stop food waste), get tips and tricks from Pisiffik on reducing foodwaste in everyday life and get recipes and inspiration for cooking with less foodwaste.

In week 46, we visited all public schools in Nuuk and worked with the youngest and oldest pupils, about foodwaste. The results of this work was presented at the main event on November 15th, were the youngest’ sculptures were presented and the oldest contest in becoming the best foodwaste chef!

Furthermore, we presented the poster exhibition Think.Eat.Save in Nuuk Center.

The exbibition has been created in collaboration between the Nordic Council of Ministers and the United Nations and displays 14 Nordic graphic designers interpretation of the food waste problem.

The exhibition Think.Eat.Save will also be shown on local museums all over Greenland. See the tourplan and catalogue here (note, in Danish only), with all the exhibited posters.

Turneplan Think_Eat_Save and ThinkEatSave_Katalog 

Vinderplakaten fra Think.Eat.Save reklameplakat konkurrencen lavet af Thordis Claessen fra Island.