Norden 2040 is an offshoot of the short story competition Allatta 2040, and eight of the ten Greenlandic co-winners are – along with young writers from other Nordic countries – given the opportunity to express their future visions during the International Literature Festival in Reykjavik.

September 10 – 14 the young budding writers from Greenland will head for Iceland to participate in the writing workshop, Norden 2040, along with other young writers from Åland in Sweden, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The goal of the workshop is to summon an image of their common Nordic future through fictional writing.

Maasi Brøns Chemnitz, one of the young writers from Greenland, describes current Greenlandic literature as “more modern and contemporary” compared to ‘traditional’ Greenlandic literature. He hopes that the writing workshop in Iceland will help promote a general progression in Greenlandic literature.

A total of 26 budding writers will be exchanging their ideas in workshops and they are to publish a written vision of the Nordic future of 2040 on a digital platform called ‘Medium’. This way, present politicians, leaders and people interested in public matters will have an idea of Nordic youths’ view of their own future.

“What’s interesting is that we will be meeting other youths from 3 different countries. It’ll be exciting to learn about their lives and hear their thoughts about our common future”, Maasi says.

The youths will participate actively in the Literature Festival as they will be asked to read their writings aloud at an event. Guest lecturers and presenters from the festival have also been invited to participate in the workshop.

“To verbalise one’s vision, inviting the reader to enter one’s reality is not only an artistic exercise – it is part of the democratic process. Norden 2040 is Nordic cooperation at its most basic level”, Mats Bjerde says, NAPA Managing Director and initiator of Norden 2040.  

Norden 2040 was initiated by NAPA – the Nordic Institute in Greenland, and was also granted funds from Nordens Institut på Åland, The Nordic House, The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, The Nordic Culture Fund, NORDBUK and Vestnordisk Hovedstadsfond.

Read the workshop writings of the youngsters here.