NAPA – The Nordic Institute in Greenland, milik publishing, Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia (National Library) and the youth organisation Sorlak have once again organised the short story contest Allatta ! (Let’s write !) – this time with a futuristic theme, describing the year 2040.

32 short stories written by youngsters age 15-25 contribute to the project and the short stories describe both bleak and bright future scenarios, containing themes such as mining, power relations, love, poverty/wealth, illness, war and family life.

The ten best short stories were written by :

  1. Karoline Lennert Sørensen
  2. Bibi Lund
  3. Kenny Fisker
  4. Ilannguaq Karlsen
  5. Maasi Chemnitz
  6. Ludvikka Tellesen
  7. Nukappi Boassen Wille
  8. Debora Hansen Kleist
  9. Marco Lund Olsen
  10. Sandra Mathiasen


In late January, the ten winners were enrolled in a writing boot camp with performance artist and writer Jessie Kleemann, writer Mette Moestrup and co-winner of the first Allatta competition, Nivi Korneliussen, who has already published her first novel – Homo Sapienne. Whilst in boot camp, the young writers polished their short stories for publication in the anthology Allatta – 2040. Each of them also received a prize of 2,500 DKK and eight of them got a chance to participate in Norden 2040, a big writing workshop held in Reykjavik.

The jury selected to read through the short stories were pleasantly surprised :

“We are happy to see great creativity and resourcefulness in the short stories. Many of the young writers exhibit very grim and dark future visions, touching on issues like mining, the danger of dictatorial power, world wars and capitalist hegemony. Multiple stories describe a future society in which a well-educated upper class grows ever bigger and stronger at the expense of the hunter-gatherer culture – a society in which traditional hunting and fishing has been reduced to a pastime activity. We also see a sharp distinction between a consumer-driven society and a society in which cultural values such as unity in family and society, mutual aid and care are the main pillars. A reverence towards ancestral heritage and life in general are highlighted as necessary in developing a healthy society, shouldered by a capable population.”

Allatta – 2040 is funded by the government of Greenland,  NunaFonden, NAPA – the nordic institute in Greenland, Sermeq Fonden and Qeqqata Municipality. The jury consisted of writer Jessie Kleemann, associate professor Birgit Kleist Pedersen, writer Hans Anthon Lynge and Sørine Steenholdt, board member of the Greenlandic society of authors and co-winner of the first Allatta competition. The anthology will also contain 10 illustrations of 2040 visions displayed by young Greenlanders, thus representing an overall artistic expression from Greenlandic youth. The anthology is expected to be released in June 2015, and will also be released as an e-book and audiobook in cooperation with KNR, the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation. Furthermore, 1 or 2 of the short stories will be staged by the Greenlandic National Theatre.   

NAPA Managing Director Mats Bjerde about Allatta – 2040 :

“To give youngsters a voice and an opportunity to use art and culture as a means to exercise their democratic rights in a time of crucial political decisions is one of NAPA’s main duties. We proudly welcome these young voices and happily listen to their experience and visions.”