The writing competition, which is a project run by NAPA and Milik Publishing in co-operation with Kalaallit Atuakkiortut (The Writer's Association of Greenland) and Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia (The National Library), has chosen 10 winners!

The jury was made up of previous winner Sørine Steenholdt, graphic designer Arny Koor Mogensen and teacher Birgit Kleist Pedersen, who have read and evaluated all submissions.

"The submissions we have received have tackled the theme "space" in many different ways, but there were some recurring topics, of which we chose the best ones. The submissions can be said to reflect what is going on in Greenland today, here and now. That which strikes people as good or bad. The submissions are full of questions like: what does space mean? For whom? Do we give enough space to ourselves and others? It's about taking responsibility for your own life, to be at peace with oneself, with others and with ones past, to move on in life despite adversity, in other words, breaking patterns. We were focused on novel content, playful uses of language and form, which gave a literary quality, in the selection process. Additionally, we have strived to select submissions that cover all the genres that the competition has offered" - said the jury for Allatta 3.0 in one voice after the evaluation, on the 3rd of March.

The winners are:

Najannguaq Berthelsen, 18, Nuuk
The novella "Atuaqatitaara" tells the story of an adoptee, and explores the themes of identity, alienation, criticism of compatriots intolerance toward "strangers" etc.

Paninnguaq Møller, 28, Nuuk
The novella "Nalujuakkat" has an existentialist approach to the theme of "space", which, among other things, tackles the doppelganger motive; can we give each other space in a relationship - and criticises the destructive effect of social control.

Navarana Lennert, 30, Nuuk
The novella ”Inissaqartitsineq” is about how nature always has a place for you, where the self is free from all things negative that surround you in your daily life, like on social media etc.

Onu Didriksen, 18, Nuuk
In their novel ”Inuunermi aallartinneq nutaaq”, Onu deals with subjects like forgiveness and redemption. How a family's life takes a destructive hit after the all too early death of the mother.

Erninnguaq Reimer, 29, Nuuk
The novella ”Toqu akuersissummik pineq ajorpoq - Matup illua tungaani” is about giving death space, as it is a part of life.

Malik Sophus Schøller Jørgensen, 24, Nuuk
Maliks novella "The Missing Space" tackles existential questions such as what is the self, what love is, not having direction, self destruction, memory loss, anger and sadness without knowing where they come from.

Katrine Poulsen
, 26, Nuuk
Katrine's essay "Eqqortoq" asks the questions, what is truth? What is right to you might be wrong to another, as well as pressure from one's family, friends, school as to what one wants from life; one's own and others' expectations; about victimhood and societal matters in general.

Tukumminnguaq Nykjær Olsen, 30, Nuuk
Tukumminnguaq's essay ”Piumassuserinngisaminnik tappiitsut” is about the split in society; due to stigmatisation, the language debate, questions of identity etc.

Stine Buur Hvistendahl
, 25, Nuuk
Stine writes in her poem "Manipulated" about unhappy love and about freeing oneself from destructive relationships.

Kaaleeraq M. Andersen, 25, Uummannaq
Kaaleeraq's poem "Inooqataavunga" deals with being overlooked, and about the need for more humanity. 

"We are proud to present the 10 winners of Allatta! 3.0! It has been inspiring to see the many submissions we have received and the jury has worked very hard to select them" - Mia Skifte Lynge, project leader for Allatta! 3.0

The 10 youths shall now attend a 4 day writing-bootcamp in Tasiilaq, where they will work on their texts with Sørine Steenholdt and a Nordic author. They will receive feedback, advice and an opportunity to develop their submissions to the competition.

In the late summer the 10 texts will be published in an anthology by Milik Publisihing.

In September the youth will travel to Iceland, Denmark, among others, on a Nordic inspiration journey. They will visit Kulturverhæftet in Helsingør, where Nord, the Nordic Literature festival is organised, and meet other Nordic youth who also write.

Publisher: Milik Publishing

Young in Greenland - Young in the World (2013)

Norden 2040 (2015)

Statements from previous winners: 

After attending Allatta I have become more open with showing my texts to others. The time after Allatta has given many experiences, since I've come into the world of literature.

Being a winner of Allatta has opened many doors. I can live off writing and all that comes with it.” – Sørine Steenholdt, one of the winners of Allatta 2013.

"The best thing about Allatta was that I met other young Greenlandic budding writers, and that you got a chance to develop one's writing technique. Being a part of Allatta has opened the door for a career as an author. I have been approached to write a manuscript to a play, which will be shown here in February." - Maasi Chemnitz, one of the winners of Allatta 2040


Allatta! 3.0 is arranged by:

NAPA, Milik Publishing, Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and Kalaallit Atuakkiortut


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