NAPA's Culture Support Program supports cultural projects with Nordic relevance in Greenland and the Nordic countries. We focus on projects involving and engaging children and young people and focusing on sustainability.

By 'Nordic relevance' we mean cooperation and exchange in the Nordic countries - what we also call the 'inter-cultural Nordic region'. In other words, projects across Nordic countries. You can seek support for travel activity and/or your project itself.

Complete the application form below or download the form as pdf and send via email to 
Your project must be relevant to one or several of NAPA's focal areas:  

  1. Young people in the Nordic region
    NAPA supports and initiates art and culture projects that encourage children and youngsters to create, participate in or speak their mind about culture.
  2. The inter-cultural Nordic region
    NAPA supports and initiates cultural projects that encourage the Nordic populations to cooperate and network for a greater coherence in the Nordic Region.
  3. The sustainable Nordic region
    NAPA supports and initiates projects that stimulate an open and available cultural life in which all citizens feel free to express themselves - projects that safeguard the cultural resources in Greenland and the Nordic Region.

NAPA processes applications all year round. We need your full application no later than two months ahead of commencement of the project. Note that if your application amounts to 100,000 DKK or more, it must be approved by the NAPA board - deadlines for such applications are January 1st or June 1st.

Please feel free to contact NAPA for further information at  or +299 32 47 33

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