This list provides you with an overview over some of the funds and their deadlines for applications

Are you planning to apply for funding for culture activities from one of the following funds, we advise you to read Nordisk ministerråds strategi for det nordiske kultursamarbeidet 2013-2020 (Norwegian) - a strategic overview on culture funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Moreover, see our guide 'how to write a good application'

Fund Description Deadline
List of grant schemes and pools from Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordic Council of Ministers has a number of grant schemes and pool within most areas. The deadlines, the nature of the grants and who is responsible for them varies with the different types of funding.

On ongoing basis - see specific funds

The Nordplus Programme offers financial support to educational cooperation between partners in the area of lifelong learning from the Nordic and Baltic regions. 

See specific pools for deadlines
Nordic Culture Fund

Nordic Culture Fund supports innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural life in the Nordic Region for both professionals and amateurs. The focus is on diversity, accessibility and high quality. The fund has several pools with different purposes such as Puls, Opstart, Handmade, and Project Funding. 

See specific pools for deadlines
Nordic Culture Point  

Nordic Culture Point administers four grant programmes, which are divided into six different funding options:

The Culture and Art Programme supports Nordic cooperation within art and culture projects which promotes a multifaceted and sustainable Nordic region.

Mobility funding is for travel and residencies of professional artists or cultural workers within Nordic and/or Baltic countries.

Norden 0–30 supports children and young people’s own projects and aims to strengthen their organization, influence and participation in political, cultural and social activities. Participants must be under the age of 30. 

Volt is a programme to stimulate language and culture for children and young people. It aims at making young people interested in each other’s arts, culture and languages.

Artist Residencies. This programme supports residential centres for artists in the Nordic/Baltic area, which house professional artists and cultural workers. 

Short-term and long-term network funding supports cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional artists and cultural workers in the Nordic and Baltic region.

See specific pools for deadlines

Funding for Nordic translations

The aim of this fund is to secure the knowledge of Nordic literature in Greenland. The pool is administered by Atuakkiortut, the Greenlandic Writer's Union. Applications can only be submitted from the publishing agency, not individuals. 

April 1st & October 1st
Nordisk Film & TV Fond

The fund promotes and supports production of Nordic documentaries, movies, and tv series. 

On an ongoing basis 


NAPA supports Greenlandic and Nordic culture through two programmes: travel funding and project funding. Funding is awarded to individuals, organisations and institutions. Read more about opportunities and requirements here.

Two months before project start

NORA supports collaborations between partners from at least two out of four NORA countries (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Coastal Norway). The projects need to support the vision of a strong and dynamic North Atlantic region. Normally, NORA do not support projects that only focuses on research or culture. 

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