Applicants name(s)
Project purpose / Title
Miki Jensen_STG ApS
DK - København

First perfomance of new album material in Arctic Sounds 2019 in Sisimiut.

Maria Malmø_MALMØ

Arctic Tales DK/FO/GL views and stories about arctic - music, wild nature and art.

Pani Enequist_Sound of the Damned GL-Nuuk

Participation in Arctic Sounds and Spot on Greenland Tour.

Rikke Hallund_Perlefilm

The animation film Havet Moder_Perlefilm/Det Grønlandske Hus/Børnehjemmet in Uummannaq.

Emile Hertling Péronard_ÁnorâK Film IS      GL-Nuuk

Below Zero 2019 - Application to participate in a pitch forum in Tromsø for arctic documentary film.

Christian Møller Haase DK-Aarhus

Sound installation on the old blue church in association with Arctic Sounds in Sisimiut.

Karoline Bianco_Kalaallit Røde Korsiat - Tasiilaq GL-Tasiilaq

17 people to Stopped Verden in Norway_13 youths/grown ups and 4 children.

Victor West Hosbond DK-Aarhus

Total Hip Hop Replacement in Greenland: Music, cultural meetings and nordic collaboration in Arctic Sounds.

Birgitta Kammann Danielsen_Kullorsuaq GL-Upernavik

Cirkus-, skak- og kunstfestival 2019 in Kullorsuaq  - visit from Iceland.

Stine Lundberg Hansen GL-Nuussuaq

Trip to dissermination seminar as well to Stockholm - completion of 45 dage 44 øer.

Susanne Andreasen_Grønlands Nationalteater GL-Nuussuaq

NC SHOW NNK 2019 - a nordic collaboration - nordic myth converted to dance.

Peter Lund Paulsen_Nordkraft Big Band DK-Aalborg

Lyden af Grønland _ Ida Kleist and a school choir + Jesper Riss' modern big band univers.

Kristine Kier Jørgensen_Unison Strings Festival DK-Aarhus

Unison Strings Festival in Ilulissat 40-50 young fiddlers from IS/DK/FO/GL.

Heiðar Kári Rannversson_Nordatlantens Brygge DK-København

I VORES LEVETID - an exhibition (40 året for Grønlands Hjemmestyre/10 året for Selvstyret).

Hanne Friis_Teater FreezeProductions DK-Aarhus

Narsarsuaq / Sletten - Histories of lives in the last 30 years… will be performed in 5 apartments under NNK 2019.

Salik Parbst Frederiksen_PIP GL-Qaqortoq

Young Songwriters - Arctic Sounds + Nordic Playgrounds 15 youths GL/AS/FO/IS/DK.

Inuuteq Storch_Studio GL-Sisimiut

In I and You - a book release with photos from New York - Published by the publisher Disko Bay.

Theodor Kapnas_Hamferð FO-Velbastaður

Hanferð to Arctic Sounds in Sisimiut - Start up og Wacken Metal Battle for youth in Greenland.

Jørgen Chemnitz_PRgl ApS GL-Nuuk

Re-think will interpret in a new way of the traditional type house in the sustainable material CLT.

Kim Jakobsen_NUIF / Alleq GL-Nuuk

KUSERNERIT - band with 3 people to Arctic Sounds - wants to meet other nordic bands.

Trygvi Danielsen_Silvurdrongur FO-Tórshavn

Silvurdrongur to Arctic Sounds - co-creation program Nordic Playgrounds before & during AS.

Jógvan Joensen & Elinborg Pálsdóttir DK-København

Invited to Arctic Sounds - co-creation program Nordic Playgrounds.

Jakob Søvndahl Skovaa_Sleepvalley DK-Vanløse

Home Sessions 2019 - acoustic song in different homes under Arctic Sounds.

Niels Kasper Frederik Apunnguaq Schmidt GL - Nuuk

Invited to Arctic Sounds - song writer workshops.

Emile Hertling Péronard_Ánorâk Film GL-Nuuk

Håbets Ø. Three main persons from Maniitsoq invited to the premier of the film CPHDOX.

Anton Overballe_Avani GL-Uummannaq

Nordic Playground in Arctic Sounds - Project manager for Wacken Metal Band - finding a greenlandic metal band.

Jeppe Gade Hvirvelkær_Jeppe Gade DK-København

Songwriting Expedition & Concert on Arctic Sounds - The band Favor on a trip with 5 song writers.

Pernille Krog Mogensen_SPOT Festival DK-Aarhus

SPOT on Arctic Sounds 2019 - SPOT sends two artists to Greenland - exchange Aarhus/Sisimiut.

Laila Lund Altinbas_Nuuk Snow Festival GL-Nuuk

Two nordic teams to Nuuk Snow Festival 2019 - an invitation to 8 people (2 teams out of 30).

Päivi Niemi-Rosing_Meeqqat Erinarsoqatigiit Ikinngutaat GL - Nuuk

7 young choir singers with 2 choir leaders participate in Nordisk Børnekorsstævne "Norbusang" i Porvoo, FInland.

Ellinor Blixt SE-Hågersten

Participation in the Arctic Sounds Festival 2019 - Nordic Playgrounds.

Jukka Nicolai Wagnholt_Secure Escape GL - Nuuk

The band Secure Escape to Sisimiut - 3 people to Nordic Playgrounds.

Sachar Coco Malinský DK-København

Spray Art at Arctic Sounds Festival 2019 - 2-3 pieces to the concert area.

Sanne Grothe Wiwe_GFD Collective DK-Aarhus

Participation in Arctic Sounds network/partner program with the HIP HOP-project.

Mikkel Hesseldahl Konyher/Troels Dankert Johansen DK-København

Concert and workshops with ilt and LSD on CIA at Arctic Sounds Festival in Sisimiut.

Mina Paasche_bandet ilt NO-Trondheim
Audio visual concert on Arctic Sounds - perform and create a place specific art video in SIsimiut.
Malucka Nukâka Motxfeldt-Waldau_Suluit DK-Kongens Lyngby

Suluit's participation in Arctic Sounds Sisimiut_and gigs on Arctic Umiaq Line from Sis to Nuuk.

Jan de Vroede CA-Montreal

Spontaneous music creations / Jam Concept as a part of NNK - continuation of Takuss'sessions.

Laura Lennert Jensen_Atsinnermiut DK-Aarhus

Atsinnermiut to SPOT on Greenland 2019 - koncertturne i 4 største byer i DK - 4 personer.

Konstantin Ikomidis_Qamutit home GL-Nuuk

An Inuit sled for travelling on snow and ice - The place where one lives permanently_NNK2019

Gøran Moya_UpNorth NO-Bodo

UpNorth_Kunstprojekt i Kangerlussuaq - skulpture installations outdoor interventions.

Laurynas Zakavicius_Urban dance theatre "Low Air" LT-Vilnius

Participation at NNK by presenting awarded Lithuanian dance performance HOME TRIP.

Michael Bevort_Wintertales DK-Charlottenlund

KAREN - a feature film about a danish nurse's trip to Tasiilaq in 1930's.

Carl Florian Sørensen_NIPILIORTA DK-Aarhus

NIPILIORTA_music summer camp in Tasiilaq with partners in commune - 6 people.

Sermersooq Business Council_Anne Nivika Grødem GL-Nuuk

Sustainable food experiences_youths from the West North participates DK,NO,FO,IS. 1 from each country. 3 GR.

Nordisk Koncertkor_Zenic Gosvig Larsen GL-Nuuk

Hvor himmel og hav mødes_Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival_modern classical, nordic choir music+dance.

Nordic Youth Film Festival_Hermann Greuel NO-Tromso

Focus Greenland - workshop, seminar & networking for 6 young filmmakers frrom Greenland.

Grønlands Nationalteater_Ruth Montgomery-Andersen GL-Nuuk

Networking and study trip for acting students - DA, IS, CA - create contacts in the North.

Tinne Simone Zenner DK-København

Arctic Stations_residency-stay on Qeqertarsuaq Museum_exhitbion projekt.

Salik Parbst Frederiksen_PIP GL-Qaqortoq

NIPITU Qaqortoq 2019 - 2 weeks of free music camp for kids and youths 12-25 years old - 10 teachers.

Børnehjemmet Uummannaq_Ann Andreasen GL-Uummannaq
Anniversary music project_Børnehjemmets 90 års jubilæum_invitation of musicians from SE, DK, Maniitsoq and Nuuk. 43.052,00
Inuuteq Storch_Studio GL-Sisimiut

At Home We Belong_Exhibtion on Umeå, Sweden of Inuuteqs biggest photographies.

Inuk Jørgensen SE-Älvänget

Hedtoft_Tragedien om M/S Hans Hedtofts forlis_Nordic target audience.

Elisabeth Heilmann Blind_batsebha SE-Kiruna

Angerlarsimaffeqanngitsoq _ Den hjemløse_performance and invitation to cooperate with the National Theater in Greenland.


Ane Berthelsen; NAIP GL-Nuuk

20 members to ÅLEIK, a nordic folk dance subpoena in Åland - A NORDLEK-agreement.


Tine Louise Brunk_Nordiske Spor DK-København

Nordiske Spor - a nordic festival with cross-genre program IS, DK, NO, SE and GL.

KRK-Inua_Erni Kristiansen GL-Nuuk

DRCY Leadership Academy 2019_The Youth of Red Cross in Denmark in nordic meeting_IS, GL, DK, NO, FI.

Elias Josephsen_Qilaatersortartut GL-Maniitsoq

Mask dance and drum dance workshop in Torshavn and in Greenland in Tivoli in Copenhagen.

Jakob Fälling og Kenneth S. Olsson DK-Roskilde

Barndomshjem_af grønlændere, danskere og andre skandinaver. Exhibition and art-book.

Hanne Saandvig Immanuelsen_Nuuk Strygeorkester GL-Nuussuaq

Application for funds to participate in NYSS in Sweden_9 partipants from GL. Else SE, NO, IS, FO, DK.

Det Grønlandske Hus i København_Nukannguaq Mathiesen-Fontain DK-København
Mode - Traditionel beklædning møder inuitprint_culture night theme about greenlandic fashion w/presentation from Greenland.
Ivik Masaatsiaq Larsen GL - Nuuk

The greenlandic singer-songwriter band TIU to Denmark to Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. 4 people.

Ivalo Frank DK-København

Siunissaq. Most visible clima changes with portraits of youths from the Ilulissat area and other culture actors.

Charlotte Lakits (gensendelse) DK-København

Students from GUX-Qaqortoq and GUX-Nuuk participates in Nuuk Nordisk Festival and reflects over the meaning of 'Home'.

Jesper Skovgaard DK-København

KOKORO/Per Bloch - travel funds to 3 musicians in association with NNK 2019.

Josef Lund Josefsen IS-Reykjavik

16 .juni - concert in Reykjavik - a danish, icelandic and greenlandic participation. Nina+Hans Peter +Arnannguaq.

Bobbi Lo Produktion SE-Jokkmokk

Noget lidt anderledes turné - Cooperation with Kangillinnguit-class 2.B i Nuuk - dance performance on tour.

Jens Bloch_Kolding Musikskole / FABULA DK-Kolding FABULA - teachers ensemble pedagogical development_4. ensemble preparation to 2020 where 48 pupils from 4 coutries assembles.
Jens Bloch_Kolding Musikskole DK-Kolding FABULA -  where 48 pupils from 4 countries assembles GL/FO/NO/DK common culture nordic through music.
Pilutaq Lundblad_Don Maliko GL-Nuussuaq Don Maliko in Grønland i Tivoli - Malik Egede and Pilutaq Lundblad. 6.935,00
Aka Mørch Pedersen_Aka Niviâna GL-Nuussuaq

Vi er Norden - Cooperation between the poet Aka Niviâna and NextDoor Project - de-colonizers.

Sacha Malinsky DK-København strengthening of network in Nuuk - Nuuk Nordic and Masterclasses - in an art project and up-coming workshops.
Kristin Ingvarsdottir_Nordens Hus, Reykjavik IS-Reykjavik Celebration of West Nordic Day with the music Suluit and other culture actors in Reykjavik.

Lena Augusta Olsen_Medborgerhuset Illorput

GL-Nuuk Invitation og cheramic student from Iceland and Sara Flindt, musician artist from Århus - Nuuk Nordic. 38.250,00
Charlotte Törnroth SE-Stockholm Releasing of the book 44 øer 45 dage under Nuuk Nordic 2019. 11.142,00
May Holstein Hansen_Texas Cowboy Nuuk GL-Nuuk A member on a trip of inspiration in line dancing - meeting instructors in Denmark.
Nuka Alice Lund_Taseralik GL-Sisimiut Exhibition with Dagbjört Drifa in Taseralik - an icelandic artist.
Sveriges Kulturskoleråd SE-Stockholm Unge Nordisk Fil - från Masterclass til talangutvecklingsprogram_deltagelse til unge grønlændere i Island.
Niels Peter Michaelsen_Arsuk Peqatigiiffik GL-Arsuk Celebration of 100 years jubilæum som Foreningen Norden i år.  Det sker i Herning, Denmark, also Kangasala,Åland,Vänersborg,Holmestrand,Siglufjordur,Eidi,Arsuk,Husby. 10.000,00
Nivi Christensen_Nuuk Kunstmuseum GL-Nuuk The Art of Nordic Colonialism- SEMINAR with 15 researchers, counselors, artists and museums people from the North.
Tinne Zenner DK-København
Særudstilling NatMus_an installation with 2 16mm projections focused on a screen sheet - Nuuk Nordic 2019. 12.860,00
Sachar Coco Malinský DK-København
Nordic Live Painting at Nuuk Nordisk 2019_Wall art piece under Nuuk Nordic 2019. 8.500,00
Tina Ikonomidou_Sound Art by Håkan & Tina SE-Rydebäck Sound Art by Håkan & Tina_Creating soundscapes with the viblations of gongs, singing bowls, shamanic drum and other instruments in NNK2019. 21.000,00
Hanne Saandvig Immanuelsen_Nunatta Agiartartoqatigiivi GL-Maniitsoq Application for funds to Nunatta agiartartoqatigiivi christmas project 2019_christmas music from the North with guest teachers.
Arctic Culture Lab Greenland_Andreas Hoffmann GL-Ilulissat Avittats potential as an identity building decoration element in the public space - sociocultural project SV/GL. 31.500,00
Mikkel Hesseldahl Kohyher NO-Trondheim ilt - Concerts and workshops with ilt at Arctic Sounds Festival 2020.
Maannguaq Rosing_Nuuk Kunstmuseum GL-Nuuk Nuuk Snow Fest 2020_a contribution with a nordic team in snow sculputre festival in Nuuk 2020.
Maliina Jensen_Qiajuk Studios GL-Nuuk Qiajuk dance educator / artist-in-recidence - 3 months residency parallel with the studios dance season 2020-2021. 49.000,00
Susanne Andreasen_Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia GL-Nuussuaq Den Grønlandske Mand (Angutivik on tour in Denmark to 20 theathers--- in danish. 45.000,00
Arctic Culture Lab Greenland_Andreas Hoffmann GL-Ilulissat From Harstad with love or How to Rename the Moon. 39.100,00
Maria Camilla Kristiansen GL-Sisimiut Improving in the art of improvisation 44.500,00
Luna Bülow Ersahin SE-Skurup AySay in Grønland 2020.
Birgir Thor Møller DK-København
Nordatlantiske Filmdage 2020 - Film from FO, GRL og IS. 30.000,00
Thorbjørn Ingemann Lervig DK-Aarhus Tundra - concerts and workshops to Arctic Sounds - Travel funds.
in total