Applicants name(s)
Project purpose / Title
Andreas Groth Clause_Det Kongelige Teater
DK - København

Cultural exchange between Kompagni B and greenlandic dance- and school students in Nuuk and Sisimiut.

Susanne Andreasen_Skuespillerskolen/NIS
GL - Nuuk

Amateur festival 2018 for amateur groups from the whole country. Nordic guest play, coaching and workshops.

Michael Bévort - Forlaget 180 ApS
DK - Helsinge

Ukiutoqqami Pilluaritsi - part funding of a new feature film with danish/greenlandic producers.

Nynne Bern Jensen_JazzDanmark
DK - København

Fabula - Nordic Improvisation Camp for Children - music school in Torshavn for about 50 participants.

Matthias Kjølbro_Konnas Kass_Son of Fortune_Svartmálm IS - Vágar

Travel support to Greenland tour - Nordic musicians play concerts in Katuaq/Nuuk and Arctic Sounds/Sisimiut.

Susanne Andreasen_Nunatta Isiginnaartitsinermik Ilinniarfia GL - Nuuk

Networks- and study tour for acting students to Iceland and Denmark with Ujarneq Fleischer.

Nordisk Koncertkor v/ Jens Paulsen GL - Nuuk

The choir in collaboration with Angu on tour to Reykjavik and Copenhagen.

Nordatlantisk Brygge v/ Mikael Kærsgaard DK -København

Concert with Frederik Elsner and a nordic band (feat. Ole Kristiansen).

Päivi Niemi-Rosing_Meeqqat Erinarsoqatigiit Ikinngutaat GL - Nuussuaq

Greenlandic participation in Norbusang 2018 - 17 children from Ilulissat and Nuuk.

Annika Fehling Trio_Living Room SE - Visby

AFT to Arctic Sounds 2018 - The trio to Sisimiut to participate in workshops and more.

Jonas Hammer DK - Odense
Greenland Retreat & Arctic Sounds Festival in Sisimiut 9.967,00
Sachar Coco Malinsky DK - København
Arctic Spray Art at Arctic Sounds - did participate in 2017.
Päivi Niemi-Rosing_Meeqqat Erinarsoqatigiit Ikinngutaat GL - Nuuk

Participation in common nordic meeting "Lyden af Norden" in Copenhagen in the occasion of 2019 anniversary.

Birgir Thor Møller_Nordatlantiske Filmdage DK-København

Nordatlantiske Filmdage 2018 - 18 film from GR / IS / FO / DK.

Patrick Rydman SE - Floda
Participation at Arctic Sounds Festival i Sisimiut 2018 - Nordic Playgrounds 11.264,29
Sikkerninnguaq Ida Aarup Kleist DK - Aalborg

Application of travel funds to participate in Arctic Sounds Music Festival.

Elisabeth Heilmann Blind SE - Kiruna

Releasing dance on Knud Rasmussen's High School in Sisimiut - tuition.

Lone Wernblad_LiversLone DK -Kalundborg

Kom med! Det gror i Nord - Pictures, music and words - plans to come to GR in fall.

Kristian Blak_Yggdrasil FO - Torshavn

Yggdrasil Tourné in Greenland with "Lipet Ei" - Katuaq, Nuuk, Kulusuk, Tasiilaq - 3.

Jacob Froberg_Arctic Sounds GL-Sisimiut

Nordic Playground / Arctic Sounds - application to be able to collect press and networks guests.

Tom Fussing GL - Ilulissat

Greenlandic participation in NORDLEK 2018 in Sweden - 18 folk dancers and 1 fiddler.

Vibeke Falden_wUNDERwELT music DK - Aalborg

Arctic Sounds & Nordic Playgrounds 2018-participatioin - electronic music with Extreme Chill (IS).

Inuuteq Storch GL - Sisimiut

Arctic Sounds - participation in workshop - photo-messages + festival-news-production with Inuuteq Kriegel.

Varna Nielsen_Katuaq GL - Nuuk

Outervision dance festival 2018 - Evoke (nordic guest play, dance-related visual art - exhibition).

Mocci Ryen_Stoppested Verden NO - Hamar

Norway's biggest international culture festival for children and youth wants to have greenlandic actors.

Camilla Andersen GL - Nuuk
International Pitch Financing Forum for kids in Malmø - Salik og Talismanden 26.395,00
Eli Gauden NO - Bergen
Participation in Arctic Sounds Festival - songwriter from Berklee College of Music in Boston/Spain. 11.806,85
Liss Stender_Agiartartoqatigiit/Nuuk Strygeorkester GL - Nuuk

Påskeorkesterfestival 2018 - festival that gives learning to members.

Sune Rasborg_Anders Beier DK - Rønne

My Nordic Food Journals - A culture project with FOOD and people in focus in the North atlantic.

Frederik Elsner_F GL - Nuuk

Project F - 2, part - long tour on Faroe Islands with Kristian Blaks project - workshops with Eivør, Teitur, Høgni Lisberg and Marius Ziska and more.

Ylva Julén_North Star Films SE - Enskede
KIATAK pre production GRÔNLAND - SE, North greenlandic, GL, DK, Northen norwegian film about identity, climate and love. 10.000,00
Juaaka Lyberth_Yuaka Tamat Entertainment GL - Nuuk

Seminar for nordic child and youth's book translator in Torshavn on Faroe Islands.

Michael Bévort_Wintertails IVS DK - Charlottenlund

Ukiutoqqami Pilluaritsi (U:P:) - Postproduction - completion of the film recorded in december 2017-

Päivi Niemi-Rosing_Noqartilik (klaverforening i Nuuk) GL - Nuuk

Year examination and to piano lessons for Nuuk's piano playing children - a week stay in Finland.

Connie Kristoffersen GL - Maniitsoq
Greenlandic Mask Dance - workshops on Faroe Islands in 4 different primary schools 1 public. 11.000,00
Adam Taal SE - Stockholm
Adam Tensta to Arctic Sounds - invitation from Sisimiut 40.000,00
Lasse Gustavsen / Suernerit GL - Qaqortoq
Grønland i Tivoli 2018 - 5 persons from the group Suernerit invited to play a concert for B/U. 25.000,00
Stine Lundberg Hansen GL - Nuuk

45 øer og 44 dage - an art book - SE/GL/DK - pieces and texts about the creation of the sea in Nuuk.

Maliina Jensen GL - Nuuk

Showing of the dance piece "Thawing" at "Vin&Valsen"-event in Oslo - network and development.

Jakob Søvndahl Skovaa_Foreningen for Kultur og Unge i Grønland GL - Qaqortoq

NIPITU & TAPA Camps 2018 - 2 weeks with free music, film and dance camps targeted children and youth.

Sofie Bakke Ringsted_Disko Arts Festival SE - Gardabaer
Disko Arts Festival 2018 - multidiscipinary arts festival - Oqaatsut and Ilulissat - greenland/international 50.000,00
NAIP v/ Ane Berthelsen GL - Nuuk

Falun 2018 - meeting between nordic folk dancers and folk musicians.

Birgitta Kammann Danielsen_fritidsleder Kullorsuaq GL - Upernavik

Kullorsuaq 90 år - circus/ painting and chess school in Kullorsuaq - Collaboration with Iceland.

Jeanette Emme DK - København

With living landmap on tour in the Kingdom (themes in teenage life in the Realm) - Upernavik.

Morten Overgaard-Dahl_Molmusik DK - Ringe

Moskusoksen Mille - child musical inspiration progress with greenlandic children in Diskobugten.

Inuuteq Storch GL - Sisimiut

Exhibition of Porcelain Souls - NW Gallery in Copenhagen and Festspille in Northen Norway - Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad.

Rose-Sofie Sonne DK - København

No one is an island - a video project artist with Nina Sikkersoq Kristoffersen.

Alice Marie Jektevik_Riddu Riddu Festivala NO - Samuelsberg
Circumpolar Hip Hop Collab/Riddu Nuorat/Riddu Silda. 26.730,39
Pipaluk K.  Jørgensen_Karitas Production GL - Nuuk

ANORI-film complete - cinema-agrements in Greenland and Denmark.

Lene Stæhr_Carla Filmagentur DK - København

Throw me a Rhyme - expenses in connection with recordings in Nuuk and Winnipeg.

Ásrún Magnúsdóttir IS - Reykjavik
GRRRS in Nuuk - workshop for young people 13+ in performing 15.800,00
Inger-Marie Lampe Lupton_Festispillene i Nord-Norge NO - Harstad

Projekt Assinga - New Chapter - stories about Arctic told by Nordic voices.

Bolatta Silis-Høegh DK-København

Exhibition: NORDATLANTISK STREJFTOG/kunstetagerne in Hobro + North atlantic House in Odense.

Hanne Saandvig Immanuelsen_Agiartartoqatigiit - Nuuk Strygerorkesterforening GL - Nuuk

Application to NYSS 2018 - skims event for children and the youth in the North_this year in Holstebro_Denmark.


Lava Markusson_Bobbi Lo Produktion AB SE - Borås

Det där var min idé - a new conception in Nuuk - a dance conception with the National Theatre.


Kristine Kier Jørgensen DK - Aarhus

Unison Strings Festival - Greenland - An event for skims student in Iceland, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Lene Børglum_Space Rocket Nation ApS DK - København

Other Me - Nuka Bisgaard - the greenlandic trans-person undergoes sex-change operation.

Naleraq Eugenius_Naleraq Lights GL - Nuuk

Ukiumi Ulloriaq Turné part 1 - theater to Greenland and Iceland. Icelandic instructor.

FILM.GL v/Emile Hertling Péronard GL - Nuuk
Talent Lab Reykjavik - talent development for filmmakers in north atlantic. 1 ws on FO in feb18 - and in IS.
Nuuk Kunstmuseum_Hanne Kirkegaard GL - Nuuk

Indigenous Art in the Arctic_Seminar about arctic indeginous people's art_2 participants from museum.

Leea Klemola_Master of Arts FI - Helsinki
Qaanaaq - theatreplay Noah's Ark for Tampere Theatre Finland 07.09.2019 33.000,00
Erni Kristiansen_Kalaallit Røde Korsiat GL - Nuuk Invitation from SDGeneration - participation in DK, IS, FI, NO - Nordic Red Cross - meeting in Danmark. 41.871,00
Hans-Ole Amossen GL - Nuuk
Participation in DIAS Nordicos - Da Bartali Crew (DBC) in Madrid 27. october 9.500,00
Charlotta Törnroth SE - Stockholm

45 dagar och 44 öer - SE, GL, DK are in the book which is a collaboration with StineL/GL.

Maliina Jensen GL - Nuussuaq Participation in ICE HOT Nordic Dancew Platform_Maliina and Ruth on seminar on behalf of Greenland... 23.000,00
Michael Bévort_Wintertails IVS DK - København

ANDALA - development of child film inspired by Nuka K. Godtfredsens character in Narsaq and the region.

Mette Laustsen_Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia GL - Nuuk

Nordisk Litteraturuge-holds reference groups meeting.

Stine Marie Jacobsen DK - København

Law Shifters - judicial-democratic debate forum - research travel to Greenland.

Julie Andersen_GUX GL - Nuuk Can my future be soft - the youth's future vision - GR/FO/DK with artists FI/GL. 20.000,00
Birgir Thor Møller_Nordatlantiske Filmdage DK - København Nordatlantiske Filmdage 2019 - Theme Women and film - FO/GR/IS. 45.000,00
Christoph Schepers_Studieskolen DK - København

Greenlandic songs as motivation to learn languages and cultural exchangements between DK/GL.

Paninnguaq Tarrak-Petrussen GL - Nuuk

Travel support to workshop CREATeS o Finland - suicide prevention and mental wellness in Arctic.

Emile Hertling Péronard_ÀnorâK Film IS GL - Nuuk

Below Zero 2019 - Application to particapate in a pitch forum in Tromsø for arctic documentary film.

Henrik Friis_ROSA - Dansk Rock Samråd DK - Risskov Dia Nórdicos Latinamerika 2018 - Da Bartali Crew and 4 nordic groups on tour in Spain/Latin America. 46.136,00