Applicants name(s)
Project purpose / Title 
Tom Fussing_Ilulissat Kalattuuat 91 (folk dancers) GL - Ilulissat Participation at BARNLEK 2017 in Faroe Islands. 16 children (8-17 years old) and two travel companions to Faroe Islands.
Laila Hansen_ Jaajaatsiaq Film GL - Qaqortoq Suiallak - completion of short film about 12-15 year-old children/young people - about bullying and conflicts. 20.000,00
Bolatta Silis Høegh DK-Copenhagen STORM w/Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) - about the environment and nature - an exhibition at NIPÅ. 2.643,00
Kristine Kier Jørgensen_Jacob Mouritzen DK-Århus Unison Strings Festival - Greenland - IS/DK/FO/GR, took place in Uummannaq. 200.000,00
Jens Thordal-Christensen - Billedkunstner DK-Balle Exhibition and event with two workshops at Ilulissat Art Museum. 9.000,00
Mette Laustsen_Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia GL - Nuuk Participation at Nordisk Barnebokkonferance in Stavanger, Norway - inspiration for the future. 12.267,00
Susanne Andreasen_Skuespillerskolen/NIS GL - Nuuk Norteas networking meeting and seminar - a Nordplus network for theatre- and dance educations. 9.100,00
Antoinette Helbing DK-Copenhagen Re-dream Nordic Tour - dance performance at Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. 60.000,00
Salik Parbst Frederiksen_Foreningen P.I.P GL - Qaqortoq Nunap Ataa (underground) - Rappers - recordings in Qaqortoq, Sisimiut, Nuuk og Uummannaq. 60.000,00
Lasse Vestergaard DK-Nr.Sundby Showcase and concert at Arctic Sounds 2017 in Sisimiut. 8.000,00
Marie Hahne Duo v/Marie Hahne DK-Aalborg Marie Hahne Duo invited to Arctic Sounds with a focus on song writing . 18.070,00
Inuuteq Storch GL - Sisimiut Inuuteq is invited to photo-workshop and produktion of the Arctic Sounds newspaper during the music festival. 5.000,00
Malu Rohmann Fleischer (Band & Productions) GL - Nuussuaq Malu Rohmann and Band - funding for travel to concert at Arctic Sounds, Sisimiut and Nordisk aften in Katuaq, Nuuk. 36.000,00
Birgir Thor Møller_Nordatlantiske Filmdage DK-Copenhagen Focus on Vestnordic films. Visits from Greenland, Inuk Silik Høegh and Ulannaq Ingemann. 19.132,00
Mads Gregersen DK-Aarhus The men's choirs Vox Aros (DK) and Qissiat (GR) joint concerts at Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival. 190.000,00
Nick Ørbæk Jakobsen GL - Nuuk Isuma at Arctic Sounds 2017 - 4 young people from the group who won at NUIF in 2015. 8.780,00
Hans Peter Kleemann_Piitsukkut GL - Nuussuaq Arctic Sounds Festival - Sisimiut - travel funds for two members from Nuuk and Qaqortoq to the festival. 9.645,00
Mikael Lavdal Kærsgaard DK-Copenhagen Nordatlantens Upcoming: Representing Greenland: Uyarakq, Tarrak, Peand El, Taatsi. 28.000,00
Juaaka Lyberth_Yuaka Tamat Entertainment GL - Nuuk Upstart-workshop for musical drama - 'Månedrengen' - a collaboration between 3 Nordic countries. 13.000,00
Andreas Jessen_Musikkens Venner i Maniitsoq GL - Maniitsoq Music school days in Tivoli - children/youth orchestra from Greenland, Faroe Islands and Denmark holds a concert. 70.800,00
Ruth Montgomery-Andersen_Qiajuk Studios & Produktion GL - Nuuk Qiajuk Studios and the
Royal Danish Ballet School's Kompagni B - a joint dance performance and workshops.
Jessica Florence GL - Sisimiut Two musicians are invited to Sisimiut, so the can play with Jessica Florence during Arctic Sounds 2017. 13.092,00
Armantas Geciauskas LI-Panevezys Sound artist Arma Agharta to The Arctic Sounds Festival in Sisimiut - Meeting between GR/LI. 8.736,39
Pan Thorarensen_extremechillfestival IS-Reykjavik Stereo Hypnosis and Futuregrapher invited to Arctic Sounds Festival 2017 in Sisimiut. 30.000,00
NAIP_Ane Berthelsen GL - Nuuk Barnleik 2017 - 7 Nordic countries meet in Island. NAIP sends 8 children/youth + 2 adults 4.-11.7.2017. 72.300,00
Lana Hansen_Tasersuup Atuarfia Special klasse GE-Berlin Unik Inik - from garbage to unique sculptures - school children collect garbage and recycle them to art. 34.400,00
Marie Koshenkova DK-Copenhagen Art exhibition at Aasiaat Museum in Greenland + an invitation to a German musician. 21.750,00
Ricarda Ciontos_NORDWIND GE-Berlin Displaced without moving Jessie Kleemann, Nuka Bisgaard, Ivalo Frank, Julie Edel Hardenberg, Varna, Mike Thomsen. 250.000,00
Peter Tuusi Motzfeldt_NUUK POSSE GL - Nuussuaq Grønland i Tivoli - Nuuk Posse's 25 years anniversary concert. Air travel, hotel and per diem during the trip. 30.008,00
Lisbeth Poulsen_EllaInk GL - Nuuk Nordisk Kulturforbund in Nuuk 2017_invitation of 4 artist from FI/DK and Lapland. 12.600,00
Nina Jacobsen_PANINOIR GL - Nuuk Young Nordic Producers Club - 4 days workshop for 25 youths from the  Nordics. Nina as producer. 23.000,00
Henrik Hartmann_C:NTACT DK-Frederiksberg C Establishment of C:NTACT in Nuuk - research and establishment - culture- and school projects. 47.472,00
Ann Eileen Lennert NO-Tromsø 'Aataas Eventyrlige Fortællinger' - publication of children's book about the wealth in the fjords of Greenland. 30.000,00
AneMarie Ottosen GL - Nuuk Preproduction of "humanimal" - theater play - 3 myths and legends from Alaska to Greenland (NNK). 49.000,00
Jørgen ApS GL - Nuuk Workshop and internship for film work. One of the instructors os from Oslo. 23.000,00
Naleraq Eugenius_Naleraq Lights GL - Nuuk 'Ukiumi Ulloriaq' - a futuristic, post-apocalyptic theater play. 100.000,00
Linda G. Ostermann_Qeqertarsuaq Museum GL - Qeqertarsuaq

Lace-workshop for all ages. A Danish woman Margrethe Jacobsen from København to Qeqertarsuaq.

Hermann Greuel_Nordic Youth Film Festival NO-Tromsø VR / 360 film workshop & Seminar - educating nordic youth, incl. 2 from Nuuk. 44.000,00
Maria Aamann_Aasiaat Folkebibliotek GL - Aasiaat 'Mit liv, Min kultur' - Aasiaat citizens produce a film were they interpret and convey their culture. 15.750,00
Nordisk Koncertkor v/ Jens Paulsen GL - Nuuk Nordisk Koncertkor - the Nordic Concert Choir, meet Angu at Nuuk Nordisk Festival - Angu as musician. 42.000,00
Niels Berglund DK-Højbjerg Artistic performance and workshops in Nuuk with Qiajuk Studio. Show at Katuaq. 9.148,00
Vivian Sjò∂ FO-Torshavn Wisdom from the roots - Interdisciplinary art an artistic search for co-identity and salvation for our youth. 73.940,00
Angajo Lennert-Sandgreen GL - Nuussuaq Hinnarik to "Grønland i Tivoli 2017" - to entertain all ages, mostly Greenlandic children in Denmark. 8.000,00
Naleraq Eugenius_Naleraq Lights GL - Nuuk Start-up phase of "Ukiumi Ulloriaq" - theater play and work development - meeting in Iceland and light show in 'Grønland i Tivoli'. 22.291,00
Jakob Søvndahl Skovaa_Forening for Kultur og Unge i Grønland GL - Qaqortoq Nipitu & Tapa Summer schools 2017 in collaboration with Kommune Kujalleq, Campus Kujalleq, music schools and Greenlandic musicians. 45.000,00
Lisbeth Karline Poulsen_KIMIK GL - Nuuk KIMIK to Huddinge - in return for having two artist in Nuuk during NNK 2015. 38.754,00
Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen GL - Nuuk NINA at Tivoli - invited to perform at PLÆNEN during Grønland i Tivoli - CD was released on Nov. 2016. 30.000,00
Gunn Hernes_Nordic House Reykjavik IS-Reykjavik Meeting and content at Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival 2017 - for networking and to show Norwegian animationfilms for children. 7.000,00
Anu-Katja Nurmi_S:t Olofsskolan FI-Åbo Nordspråks sommarkurs 2017 - Nordic mother tongue teachers on identity perceptions. 12.814,92
Lasse Meyer_Nanortalik Museum GL - Nanortalik Gitz Johansen exhibition, lecture and art project for the artist Jeppe Gitz-Johansen. 16.000,00
Agiartartoqatigiit_Liss Stender GL - Nuuk Participation at 'Klækkenkurset', string competition for children and youth in Norway 2017 - 9 people. 21.519,00
Riitta Ikonen & Karoline Hjorth_Eyesasbigasplates NO-Oslo Participation at the next Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival. They will have an exhibition at Nuuk Art Museum. 33.102,00
Nils Wiberg IS-101 Reykjavik Nunatakk - an art project with the citizens of Kangerlussuaq - IS / GL 50.000,00
Tinne Zenner DK-Frederiksberg Exhibition at Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival - Nuuk Art Museum. Residency. 8.500,00
Nivi Christensen_Nuuk Kunstmuseum GL - Nuuk Exhibition and lectures about Greenlandic art at the Faroese Art Museum - opening of Gukki Nuka's Tarnip Qupineri/Revner i Sjælen. 10.000,00
Anton Overblle_Katuaq GL - Nuuk Magician from Iceland, Einar Mikael, to Qooqqut Festival during fall 2017. 33.762,00
Sachar Coco Malinsky DK-København S Cheeky Spray Workshop in Sisimiut - Fra Gade til Galleri - Art work over vandalism with youth.  17.600,00
Jakob Fälling og Kenneth S. Olsson) DK-Roskilde LARM - Neriusaaq special issue - NNK. 16.461,00
Jens Haaning_kunstner DK-København N Participation at Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival - place specific work. 26.681,00
Jóhan Martin Christiansen FO-Torshavn Seismologic tactility _NNK_Nordafar-project. 31.760,00
Andreas Otte_Ilisimatusarfik GL - Nuuk Workshop participation at Cycle Festival 2017 - teacher and 9 music students were invited. 50.000,00
Maria Kreutzmann_Glaciem House GL - Nuuk Mytefigurer i Grønland - a cultural promotion - regarding pay for Icelandic artist. 13.000,00
Lotta Törnroth SE-Stockholm I lyset af Grønland, exhibition during Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival with 3 other Nordic artist. 11.419,00
Angiuk "Jukke Rosing" Gausten DK-Rødovre Nordisk photography meeting - Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival 2017. 7.500,00
Inkeri Jäntti FI-Oulu Nipangersimaneq - photo project dealing with women who've been raped and abused - NNK. 10.000,00
Marte Lill Somby_Marte Lill Somby Art NO-Ramfjorbotn Havet - invited to Nuuk to make and show a videoinstallation and wood carvings during NNK. 13.000,00
Mette Edvardsen NO-Nøtterøy Time has fallen in the afternoon sunshine - learning a book by heart to be a living book during NNK. 25.780,00
Jessie Kleemann DK-København S FACES // Kiinnernerit Upernavik 2017 - Performance, poetry, drawing and filmproject for youth. 34.624,00
Jakob Remin / Aqqalu Berthelsen DK-København V Gameboy brothers: new electronic music between Nuuk and København - performances and dissemination of knowledge. 23.000,00
Kim Simonsen DK-København New poetry and interaction between the landscape and materiality - Readings and talks during NNK. 10.807,00
David Giese SE-Hägersten Participation at Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival - Joxaren is bass-DJ of Finnish Tango music. 14.300,00
Teatteruyhdustys RUSKA-ensemble ry FI-Kokkola Arctic Odyssey - perfomance visit at NNK Preserving Arctic environment and its cultures. 41.000,00
Sturle Dagsland - artist NO-Stavanger Sturle Dagland - Concert at NNK with Sjur Dagsland which children and youth in Nuuk will participate in.  44.518,00
Sebastian Forslud_Vanbot SE-Stockholm Vanbot at NNK - perform with concerts and workshops for kids and young students. 11.650,00
Rasmus Lindelöw_Vanbot SE-Stockholm Vanbot at NNK - perform with concerts and workshops for kids and young students. 11.650,00
Ester Ideskog_Vanbot SE-Stockholm Vanbot at NNK - perform with concerts and workshops for kids and young students. 11.650,00
Jacob Mouridsen/Det Jyske musikkonservatorium/kand.3.år DK-Aarhus C MUMG - music education internships for young music talents, visits to five research programs in Denmark. 8.000,00
Paninnguaq Lind Jensen_Tupik Mi GL - Narsaq Tupik Mi Nuuk - "De tatoverede mennesker" - revitalisation project- Alaska, Canada and Grønland 30.000,00
Lava Markusson / Michael Markusson_Bobbi Lo AB SE-Malmø Det der var min idé - dance performance for 6-9-year-olds  Da/GL/SE. 27.500,00
Tukummeq Egede Martinsen GL - Sisimiut Steering committee meeting about Nordic Coastal Culture Festival in Siglufjörður, Iceland. 7.374,00
Pipaluk K. Jø GL - Nuuk Nuuk International Filmfestival 2017 during NNK 2017 - Zacharias Kunuk to Nuuk. 25.000,00
Lana Hansen GE-Berlin Uummannami nuannisartitsineq - the clown David Erikkson from Stockholm to Uummannaq. 41.073,00
Kitte Witting_KiviCom GL - Nuuk Pre-project: Menneske og dyr - sound/land-art installation - meeting in Norway to prepare the project. 17.300,00
Nynne Bern Jensen_JazzDanmark DK-København V Fabula - Nordic Improvisation Camp for Children   music school in Torshavn for approx. 50 participants. 59.200,00
Matthias Kjølbro_Konnas Kass_Son of Fortune_Svartmálm IS-Vágar Travel funds for Greenland Tour - Nordic musicians perform concerts in Katuaq/Nuuk and Arctic Sounds/Sisimiut. 50.000,00