NAPA grants approx. 3 million DKK annually, to cultural projects

NAPA's Culture Support Program supports cultural projects with Nordic relevance in Greenland and the Nordic countries. We focus on projects involving and engaging children and young people and focusing on sustainability.

By 'Nordic relevance' we mean cooperation and exchange in the Nordic countries - what we also call the 'inter-cultural Nordic region'. In other words, projects across Nordic countries. You can seek support for travel activity and/or your project itself.

We fund cultural programs and travel that encompasses:

We provide funding for professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs, and some of our funds go to funding our own projects. In that context we are always interested in new partners and inspiration. 

The Nordic region is: Denmark, Sweden, the Åland Islands, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland. NAPA also supports projects in co-operation with the Baltic states and our neighbours to the west: Canada and Alaska.

You can read more about our cultural support program in this guide:  NAPA Cultural Support Programme


You need to send NAPA your application at least 2 months before the project starts. If your application exceeds 100.000 DKK it needs to be processed by our board. NAPAs board meets twice a year, in March and August. Deadlines for applications over 100.000 DKK are 1st of January or the 1st of June.

Note, that it is only applications above 100.000 DKK that are processed by the board, applications below this amount are processed by the Institute and will be answered within 8 weeks. 

Apply online or download an application form to fill in by hand.


If you have received a grant from the Nordic Institute in Greenland, please remember:


NAPA funds many cultural projects, which relate to our 3 areas of focus, but there are also cultural areas we don't fund:


Ass./ Foto: Mads Phil/Visit Greenland