The next deadline for applications over DKK 100,000 has been postponed to 31 January 2021

NAPA supports the Greenlandic and Nordic cultural life through two programs: Travel support and project support.

NAPA distributes approximately DKK 3 million annually in support of cultural projects.

NAPA's Cultural Support Program supports cultural projects that promote Arctic perspectives throughout the Nordic region. We have a special focus on projects that involve and engage children and young people and that focus on sustainability. The cultural support program prioritises projects that facilitate co-operation, co-creation and exchange across national borders in the Nordic region.

We support cultural projects and travel that:

To be able to apply for support, you must be resident in the Nordic countries.

We do not support operation costs, but we like to support the established cultural life. In that case, with a new perspective.

We support both professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs, and part of our funding also goes to our own projects. Therefore, we are always interested in new partners and inspiration.

The Nordic countries are: Denmark, Sweden, Åland, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. In addition, NAPA also supports projects in collaboration with the Baltics as well as focus on our neighbors in the west, Canada and Alaska.

You can read more about our cultural support program in this guide:  NAPA Cultural Support Programme


You must submit your application to NAPA at least two months before the project begins. For amounts of DKK 100,000 and over, the application must be processed by our board. NAPA holds board meetings twice a year - in March and August - and therefore applications over DKK 100,000 and above must be received by NAPA no later than 1st of January or 1st of June.

Please note that only applications over DKK 100,000 are processed by the board. Applications under this amount are processed by the institute and will be answered within eight weeks of receipt.

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NAPA supports many cultural projects that can be related to our focus areas, but there are also cultural areas that the Cultural Support Program does not support:


Ass./ Foto: Mads Phil/Visit Greenland